The Most Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are deadly.

If anything, these accidents are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents since they account for 35% of highway fatalities, as stated from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

So what exactly is a rollover accident?

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It happens when a vehicle flips over onto its roof or the side of the car. Some frequent injuries that can happen from this accident include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

But how do these horrible accidents happen? Let’s find out.

High Center of Gravity

Large vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as SUVs, Pickup Trucks, and Vans have a much higher chance of roll over, as compared to Sedans and cars with low centers of gravity.

It’s crucial to note that each car has its own specifications, meaning that the injuries you sustain during a car rollover will depend on what you have. It will also depend on your airbags, car safety, as well as the safety features that go into it as well.

Design Flaws

For many motor vehicles, especially new ones, there are design flaws that can contribute to a higher likelihood of a rollover accident. These include:

  • Improper Seat Belt Functions
  • Airbag Malfunctions
  • Failure to Lock The Door

Most car manufacturers are currently addressing these flaws by issuing a recall or by state lemon laws.

If you have been in a situation where a design flaw from a car has led to a serious injury or the death of a loved one, it might be worth it to get in touch with a Bellevue personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help you fight for your rights and obtain the compensation that you deserve.

At the end of the day, you deserve justice instead of a low settlement from the insurance companies.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding and reckless driving are both tempting, but you should be aware that both of these actions can result in deadly outcomes.

From a physics standpoint, when a vehicle is moving in a curved path, it experiences centripetal force, which is directed toward the center of the curve. This force is counteracted by the vehicle’s tire grip on the road.

Centrifugal force, acting outward from the center of the curve, tries to pull the vehicle away from the curve. If the centrifugal force becomes too great for the tires to handle, the vehicle may start to tip.

Rollovers are more likely to occur at higher speeds, especially during abrupt maneuvers or sharp turns. Higher speeds increase the lateral forces acting on the vehicle, making it more challenging for the tires to maintain sufficient grip.

So please, don’t be aggressive and speed, since that can lead to a rollover accident.

Distracted Driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 3,142 fatalities that happened from distracted driving accidents in 2022. Furthermore, 8% of car accidents that result in death occur because of the act of distracted driving.

And unsurprisingly, the action of distracted driving can lead to rollover accidents. By not keeping your eyes on the road, there is a higher chance of a deadly rollover accident happening.

So do what you can to stay safe and not be a distracted driver, since the consequences can be catastrophic and life-changing.

Protect Yourself From A Rollover Accident Today

In summary, the most common causes of rollover accidents include a high center of gravity, design flaws, speeding/reckless driving, and distracted driving.

Furthermore, there needs to be a collective effort to prevent these deadly incidents from happening and you should consult with an attorney to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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