The Secret To Keeping These 3 Tricky House Plants Alive

Many people are reluctant to start looking after house plants as they feel they don’t have green fingers. However, the truth is that all house plants can die, some are simply trickier to look after than others.

The good news is that it is possible to look after any house plant properly, you simply need to know a few basic care techniques and which plants are the trickiest. Of course, the cardinal rule when purchasing house plants is to make sure you choose a reputable supplier of house plants UK. This will help to ensure you have a good quality plant to start with.


This plant smells fantastic and has a great shape, making them one of the most desirable house plants currently available. They are popular but require a little more attention than your cactus or classic spider plant.

It is important to note that Gardenia plants don’t like to be moved. They are not keen on draughts or artificial heat, such as that put out by central heating systems. This type of plant does like plenty of sunlight and high levels of humidity.

In other words, to look after a Gardenia successfully you must put it in a window spot away from draughts and not near the radiator. To keep the humidity level right spray the leaves daily with a light mist of water.  It can help to give them a little plant food during the growing season.


These stunning flowers are known to be hard to keep alive. In fact, there are several different types of orchids and each one requires its own special care.

The general advice with all types of orchids is to give them plenty of light, but not too much sunlight. That means putting them in a window that faces north or east. Orchids must have good draining soil, if it’s too wet their roots will rot. It is a good idea to water them once a week but you shouldn’t add water until the top inch of soil is completely dry.

You can add fertilizer but only when the flowers are starting to appear, the rest of the time the orchid looks after itself.

String of Pearls

Its official title is Sencio Rowleyanus and this plant adores the light. It will flourish if placed in a south-facing window, ensuring it is getting the maximum amount of sunlight possible throughout the year.

This plant is a succulent which means it is very good at retaining water. You can forget to water it providing it has plenty of light and the plant will survive. When you do water, do not use too much water, just enough to make the soil damp will suffice.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other plants that can be hard to grow but, by paying attention to the amount of light and water they need, you will find that anything is possible. Before you know it, you will have the flowers that make everyone else jealous!


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