The Secrets Everyone Should Know About Planning The Perfect Proposal

Planning for a great wedding proposal takes quite a bit of careful planning and time.  You want to make sure your partner is as surprised as possible when you pop the question – in the best possible way, of course!    

Ostentatious proposals have been around for many years. With people constantly coming up with new and creative ways to propose to their loved ones, you can feel under significant pressure to pull off something unique. While you might want something that is out of the ordinary and make the news, that might not be your soon to be spouse’s idea of perfection!

So, how are you supposed to make sure that your proposal is not only special but appropriate for you and your partner?  Preparation is crucial – the devil really is in the details – and you would be crazy to skip over the planning stage if you want this moment to be remembered – for all of the right reasons!

The ring

In the past, you were expected to spend a month’s wage on the engagement ring. However, these days most people recognize that the engagement ring is so much more than what the price tag says. It is a symbol of your love and you want to choose something that your soon-to-be spouse loves and wants to show off.   

You may find that when you listen carefully, your partner drops lots of hints about the sort of ring they would like. If they don’t, look at the jewelry that they already own and take your inspiration from that. Also, rope in their friends and family – as long as they can keep a secret.

You can even go as far as designing your own ring – from the metals used to the right diamond for your ring – it can be individual in every aspect. Who can resist that?

Where you pop the question

Many people have ideas in their heads as to where their perfect proposal would take place. If you know this about your loved one, this makes the job of choosing where to do it much easier.

If they haven’t told you or dropped some hints, you need to make a decision. Maybe there is a place that is special to you both – the place where you met, had your first date, or your first kiss. However, you need to makes sure that your significant other would feel comfortable. If someone is shy and hates attention, proposing in a public place may be their idea of hell! Conversely, if they like to have a bit of attention, they may relish all eyes on them for a while – so somewhere big and public may be perfect.

When to ask them to marry you

Is there ever the perfect moment to ask the question? Sometimes, the pressure of waiting for that exact moment can be overwhelming and lead to disappointment when it never quite happens. It is much better to be flexible and see how things pan out. The right time will present itself – if you are relaxed and comfortable. 

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