The Smart Ways to Advance Your Career

Most people start out simply happy to have a job. But eventually, the novelty of having a stable income begins to wear off. At some point, you’ll want to progress and move into more senior positions. Your life will have been one climb through the education system, so you shouldn’t stop once you enter the workforce! Keep on climbing that hill. Of course, if you’re going to progress in your career, then you’ll need to work for it. You naturally progress through the education system — you will not naturally progress through your career. In this blog, we’re going to look at a few useful tips that’ll put you on the right track. If you take all of these tips, then eventually, you’ll see that good things come your way!

Set Goals

You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t know where that is. From time to time, it’s worthwhile taking a moment to think about your career, and specifically, what you’re trying to achieve. You can divide your goals into short, mid, and long-term objectives. It’s a bit like when you begin exercise — it’s always good to have goals in mind, even if you’re nowhere close to achieving them at the moment. Thinking about what you want can also help to drown out the noise. You’ll have a million options in front of you. If you know where you want to be, then you’ll know which doors you should walk through.

Find a Mentor

One day, you’ll know everything about your career. Alas, that information will come only once you’ve had the lived experience. By that stage, it’ll be too late for the words of wisdom to have an impact on the development of your career. You’ll only know what you should have done. But wouldn’t it be handy if you had that wisdom at the moment when you really needed to hear it? Surely. While you can’t talk to your future self, you can talk to someone else who has been there, done that. Look at seeking out a mentor, and you’ll have someone to call on for advice when you’re trying to figure out what you should do with your career.

Making Connections

Sometimes it’s what you know. Sometimes it’s who you know. You should most definitely have the skills and knowledge to move forward, but in many cases, it’ll be other people that open the door for you to walk through. But of course, they can only do that if they know who you are. Through the course of your career, it’s a good idea to make a habit of building connections with other people. Don’t do this just with a promotion in mind; do it with the understanding that most professionals can benefit from talking to other people in their industry. The happy side effect will be that at some point in your career, one of the connections you make will help you in one way or another. And of course, you can also help other people, too.

Further Education

You’ll need to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Everyone wants a promotion, after all, so how can you ensure that you’re the one that gets it? One of the most effective methods is to study for a higher education qualification. In some cases, this will be a necessity, not just something that you do to make yourself stand out. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to study for the qualifications that can help you to step up. If you’re a nurse, for example, then you can complete an online msn in your own time. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be eligible for the more senior nursing positions. If you’re in another industry, and you don’t know which course will help you to step up, then look at speaking to your supervisors. It’s in their interests for you to study on the right course since they’ll directly benefit if you have improved skills.

Be Willing to Move

You might love your job, and the company that you work for. However, if you want to progress, then it’s possible that you’ll have to move. Studies have shown that people that switch jobs generally end up earning more, and working in more senior positions. It’s when you’re not willing to move that you’ll have issues. If your current company doesn’t offer a path for you to progress, then you’ll just end up dying a slow death. It can be scary to move to a new company, especially if you’re happy where you are. A little bit of courage can take you a long way!

Soft Skill Development

There’ll be plenty of formal skills and qualifications you need to move forward with your career. However, they won’t be the only things you should have in your locker. Someone who had formal skills but zero soft skills would find it much more difficult to get ahead. So take a look at developing this side of your professional self. If you’ve never thought about it before, then a little bit of self-analysis can help.

Healthy Lifestyle

You won’t be able to bring your best to your job if you don’t have any energy. If you’re looking after yourself, then you’ll find it much easier to reach your full potential. So, make sure that you’re looking after yourself! That means ensuring you get enough rest, eating well, exercising, practicing meditation and yoga, and so on. All these things will help you to feel good within yourself, which will have a direct impact on your career.


You can’t have everything in life. At some point, you’ll need to decide what you really want. If you want to find professional success, then you’ll need to make it a priority. Some people want a fulfilling career, yet spend all of their time socializing or relaxing. It’s fine if you want those things, but you couldn’t expect to have a great career. Make it a priority.

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