Ultimate Middle School Guide to Essay Writing

A middle school is basically a place when you finally dip your toes into a real academic program. Compared to elementary school, it is no longer all about playing and having fun. Now begins the real education and it requires much more patience and effort to succeed.

Entering middle school, pupils face many subjects for the first time. And, they face many new types of assignments for the first time as well. One such assignment is an essay.

While you could’ve been assigned essays in elementary school, trust us – it is not the same. A middle school essay is way more complicated and demanding, so it is important to know how to handle it.

Middle School Essay: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

If you were assigned to write a middle school essay but have not the slightest clue where to start, pluck up the courage and get ready to do some work. Whether you need assignment assistance from CopyCrafter or you’re ready to dive in yourself, we’ve got you covered. To help you get on the right track, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to tackle the task and get the best results.

Grasp the Basics

Before you dive right into the process, take a moment to understand the basic requirements. As a rule, a teacher will provide you with all the instructions.

Some of such basics may include:

  • Type of essay
  • Suggested structure
  • Length
  • Format, etc.

As soon as you know and understand all these details, you can move on.

Learn to Use Available Tools to Your Benefit

Before you get straight to writing, think of the tools you have that make the process simple and enjoyable.

Some basic tools you will need are a laptop or a pen with a paper, and access to the Internet. However, there are many other handy tools. For example, if you know that you are getting distracted easily, you might want to get yourself some distraction blocking software.

Some other tools to use are text editors. They will make the process much simpler.

Finally, keep in mind that there are such resources as https://essaywriterservice.com/ that also can come in handy. Such services employ professional essay writers and help students handle their tasks with no effort.

Choose Your Topic

In many cases, you will have a specific topic assigned to you by a teacher. However, it is also not uncommon to be given a choice of a topic. If the latter is your case, you need to approach this choice with the utmost attention.

First of all, when picking the topic, you should keep in mind your purpose. Depending on the assigned type of paper, you may need to take your essay in a certain direction. So, it is an important factor.

Also, it is vital to consider your interests. The truth is that the best academic papers are written by students who are genuinely interested in what they are writing about. You can also check it at test-done.com. But, at the same time keep in mind that it should be engaging for the audience as well.

Finally, it is important to pick a topic that has the perfect scope. This means that it shouldn’t be too broad or, on the contrary, too narrow.


Next, you need to learn more about the selected topic and find trusted sources of information. Ideally, you should conduct your research in a library. Books are proven to be the most reliable sources.

However, if you still decide to do research online, here are the two key tips we have for you:

  • Always question the validity of obtained data and double-check facts across different sources.
  • Use the right tools for online research such as academic databases like Google Scholar.
  • If you follow these tips you will handle the research stage easily and effectively.

Organize Your Thoughts and Sources

The next step is brainstorming. During this stage, one must lay out all the ideas and information they have and think about how to organize them right in a paper.

The main tips for this stage are to always ensure a logical flow of information, avoid contradictions, and think of smooth transitions between different ideas. Another handy tip is to organize your points by their value. Consider placing the most convincing ideas or arguments close to the beginning of your essay and follow them with less significant ones.

Make an Outline

It can feel frightening to get started on your essay. And, it gets especially scary when you are not too experienced in handling such tasks. But, there is a way to reduce stress. You should create a detailed outline of your work!

Outlining gives plenty of benefits. It helps to follow the right structure. Also, it ensures that all your ideas and arguments will be just in the right places and that you won’t miss out on anything. Finally, writing is just much simpler when you have a plan. So do not neglect this step!

Create Your Thesis

First of all, when you get to writing, you need to develop a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement is your core argument. It is what you are going to prove throughout the paper. Thus, it should be very clear and specific, define your position on the topic, and also be concise.

Write the Paper

When the thesis is ready, move on to writing. At this stage, be sure to strictly follow the plan you already have. You can tackle your paragraphs one by one starting with the introduction to body paragraphs, and finishing with a conclusion.

However, it is often recommended to start with the body of the text. The thing is that both the introduction and conclusion are really tied up onto the body paragraphs. Thus, in order to make them logical, many experts advise to handle them last.


Lastly, the final stages of the work are proofreading and editing. Before getting started, be sure to let your essay rest for a few hours or even a day. Then, come back to it with a fresh outlook. Carefully check the work for grammar, punctuation, style, formatting, and other errors that might be present.

A good tip is to let someone else read your paper before the submission. Another person, for example, a friend or family member, can notice some mistakes you’ve missed.

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