What Do You Need to Know About Microsoft AZ-104 Certification Exam Before Taking It? Is It Even the Choice You Need?

Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction, it is surely the world leader when it comes to innovation. One of the best technologies that the organization introduced in recent years is none other than Azure. It is a Cloud platform that the companies have quickly adopted just because it provides great features.

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

So, if you want to become an Azure professional, you need the right credential, and this is where the Microsoft certification program comes into play. There is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge, and we want you to take a closer look at this option. To earn this certificate, you will need to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. AZ-104 Therefore, let’s explore the details of this test.

Exam pattern

If you take the Microsoft AZ-104 exam lightly, there is a high chance that you will not be able to pass it. There are many things that you need to know about this test, starting with the total number of questions and their formats. Thus, you will face with about 40-60 questions of various types, including build list, case studies, multiple choice, active screen, hot area, and even more. ExamSnap Website >>>>>> The candidates will have to answer all of these questions within 150 minutes, which means that you will need to be good at managing time. The topics included in Microsoft AZ-104 are the following:

  • Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources;
  • Manage Azure Identities and Governance;
  • Monitor Azure Resources;
  • Configure Virtual Networking;
  • Implement and Manage Storage.

Moreover, please note that anyone who is thinking about going for the AZ-104 certification exam needs to make sure that he or she already has some knowledge related to virtualization, storage structures. MB-210 Cloud infrastructure, and networking. It will also help if the candidates know how to work with command line interface, PowerShell, and ARM templates. If they fulfill these requirements, passing Microsoft AZ-104 will become a little bit easier.

Target audience

Before you go for any Microsoft exam, you need to ask yourself whether it is even the right one for you or not. The same is the case with the Microsoft AZ-104 test because it is designed for those people who are genuinely interested in Azure. If you think that you don’t share the same level of interest, then maybe you should consider the other sector. It is also recommended that the students have at least 6 months of experience with Azure and be well-versed with the core Azure concepts. Download AZ-900 If you don’t have the right amount of experience you might find the exam difficult.


The Microsoft certification program has gained a lot of recognition in recent years. It has helped a lot of people in the past and can do the same for you at the present. The Microsoft badges are highly respected in the IT world. So, if you hold one of them, it can actually help you boost your career forward.

You should be ready that passing Microsoft AZ-104 might not be easy for you if you don’t have the required knowledge and skills. That is why you need to allocate enough time to go for courses, VCE Download Avanset read books, use exam dumps, and take practice tests. If you are able to clear this task, it will show your determination and responsibility, which are great traits to have in the IT industry.

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