Why Do Employers Offer Pre-Employment Checks?

Depending on the job role you are applying for, you might see that a physical or some other pre-employment checks are required. A typical office role might not require them, but usually, jobs that are physically demanding and put a strain on the body will mean the company needs to make sure their new hires are healthy and able to handle it.

Oil rig workers, rail industry worker medical checks, construction workers, and other roles where a specific condition or ability are undesirable will usually get pre-employment checks.

The employer has a duty to make sure that their workers are fit and able to perform the tasks that are outlined in the role – but that is not the only reason pre-employment medicals are done.

Job Function

Any job that requires heavy lifting, physical tasks or standing for long periods will put a lot of strain on the body. Employers need to make sure that the people they hire are in the best physical condition and rule out hiring those that will not be able to meet the demands of the role.

Some pre-existing conditions like heart conditions can mean that people are physically unable to push themselves and would be better suited to a less intense role.

Faster hiring

The pre-employment checks can often mean that people who might not pass will skip the application altogether. And those who believe they are in the right physical condition will apply. Immediately this reduces the number of people applying for a role and reduces the time and money that will be spent on the hiring process.

Pre-employment medical exams aren’t just to assess stamina and strength; they can also highlight potential health concerns for the person too. With these things highlighted, both the employer and potential employee can make smart decisions about their futures.


In many countries and states, it is a legal requirement for some types of companies to ensure they have pre-employment medical assessments and ongoing physical exams. Often companies that have either vulnerable people in their care, like medical facilities, may also choose to have pre-employment checks.

It may also be that while they are not legally required to have the medical exams, their insurance and ongoing safety measurements require it.


Many companies are changing the way they handle their staff and are trying to promote health and wellness as part of the culture. For many high-intensity roles, this means even if they pass the medical, issues can be highlighted, and steps can be taken to manage them.

This has a double benefit for the company, as a healthier workforce is likely to have a reduced number of illnesses and sick days and an open and honest policy about health concerns.

Pre-employment checks are great for employers, but they have benefits for the staff, too, like having a clear medical history or early detection of some illnesses.

If you don’t think a physically demanding role is for you or that you may not pass a pre-employment exam, there are plenty of other ways to find a great role: 6 Different Ways To Find The Perfect Job – Chase the Write Dream.

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