Why Going To The Dentist Is More Important Than You Think

Whether you love or hate visiting the dentist, you probably only think about dentists when it comes to your teeth. After all, a beautiful, bright smile needs a good oral hygiene routine and a great dentist.

However, it’s not the cosmetic look of your teeth that concerns your dentist, they play a really important role in your overall health too and in some cases, could even save your life.

Here are the reasons why your dental check-ups need to be a part of your overall health plan.

Identifying Jaw Alignment Issues

Having an issue such as an underbite can affect you more than you think. It can lead to problems chewing, jaw ache, headaches, and cavities. Once they’ve identified this, you can then take steps to correct it with clear aligners. In children, an underbite can cause problems with speech development too.

Give You A Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy can play havoc with your dental health. The additional hormones and extra blood volume can cause bleeding gums and lead to cavities and toothache. But did you know that your oral health can also affect your pregnancy? Gum disease has been shown to lead to pre-term birth, low birth weights, and even miscarriage. That’s why if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, or already are, you should visit your dentist to get your oral health in check too.

Spot The Signs Of Serious Conditions

Your mouth can be a window into other health conditions too, some of which you might not be aware that you had. At your regular dental check-up, your dentist will be able to look for signs and recommend you follow up with a doctor.


Since we don’t often spend a lot of time looking inside our own mouths or around the gums unless we’re in pain, there’s a lot that can go unnoticed, including the early signs of oral cancer. These can show up on your tongue, cheeks, and gums. Early detection could potentially save your life.


If you’re experiencing persistent bad breath, no matter how thorough you are with your brushing and flossing routine, you’ll probably head to the dentist to see what the issue is. If the dentist can’t find a cause in your mouth, they may tell you to get yourself checked for diabetes, which can be the cause.


Hectic lifestyles and family can make us feel like we’re running on empty most of the time. We often promise ourselves we’ll get more sleep, drink more water or overhaul our diet to get our energy levels up. However, during your exam, your dentist will check your teeth and gums and if they notice your tongue is smooth, or your gums are pale, they will suspect anemia, which will need to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

Now you know how important your visits to the dentist are, you’ll think twice about skipping your next check-up. Regular visits can ensure that you’re keeping a check on much more than your teeth, but could potentially be lifesaving too.

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