Why is it Important to Wear Your Glasses at College?

When you get into the college of your choice, it can be a chance to spread your wings and gain independence, as well as to re-invent yourself into the person you’d like to be, both in looks and personality. One thing that shouldn’t be left in the past is your glasses, as these can really help you with your studies, as well as your overall enjoyment of this time. While it might be tempting to switch to contact lenses, these can be difficult to use for those who aren’t used to them, and require a bit more upkeep than your standard set of frames.

Use them as a fashion statement

There are people who wear glasses as a fashion accessory, even if they have no need for the lenses themselves. You can use this to your advantage, allowing you to pick a set of frames that suit your face, and still allow your vision to be that much clearer. It can be a good idea to look into some helpful tips for eyeglass measurements prior to setting your heart on a particular design, as your prescription needs may rule out some possibilities but, even with more complex eye care needs, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for a style you don’t like. You could even have several frames to match some of your favorite outfit choices, allowing you to do your best with your education, and still impress your new friends with your style.

Reduce eye strain

Many college students complete a lot of their work on the computer. While, when it comes to long essays and assignments, this can certainly be preferable to writing out your prose by hand, this can put a lot of strain on the eyes, especially if you leave your glasses back in your dorm room. Your eyes will need to work that much harder, and you may find that you are more susceptible to headaches over long periods of time on a computer. Alongside wearing glasses, there are other ways you can limit the likelihood of this strain, such as by staying hydrated, reducing the level of glare on the screen, and even making sure your posture is correct.

Improve your focus

When in the lecture theatre, you may need to make notes based upon text in books, or even written up on a board in front of the class. This can be made much more difficult without the use of your glasses. You may find that you have to squint to make out words. Depending on your own individual eye health, there may be issues regarding blurred vision when it comes to reading either up close, or far away. Wearing your glasses, as well as altering your seat position within the room, may go a long way towards rectifying this blurriness.

Wearing glasses doesn’t need to affect the way you enjoy your college experience. Rather than seeing them as a necessary evil to get your qualification, instead try to view them as a useful fashion accessory that can aid you in meeting with success.


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