Why You Should Get a Printer for Your Home

With so many things moving online, lots of households are wondering whether they still need a printer at home. While it’s true that printers aren’t as essential as they once were, there are lots of reasons why they’re a convenient and useful appliance to have around.

If you’ve been debating getting a printer or are trying to convince your family members they’re a good investment, this blog could be just what you’re looking for. It’ll walk you through some of the main reasons people decide to get printers and show you how helpful one could be in your home.

Remember, if you are getting a printer, you’re going to need some good quality ink. This could mean shopping for hp 301 compatible ink cartridges or canon photo inks before your new machine arrives.


Lots of people worry about the cost of running a printer, but it actually works out much cheaper to have your own when compared to costs at your local library. When you calculate the price of some cheap paper and think about how long an ink cartridge will last you, the 5p per sheet you’re currently paying seems far too much. If you’re printing fairly regularly, this will quickly add up. It’s true that the initial cost of a printer can be quite high, but if you look out for sales and offers, you’ll be able to snag yourself a good deal.


There’s nothing worse than having to run into town just because you need a document or form printing. Sometimes libraries are only open a few hours on weekends and many even close on a Sunday. This can leave you feeling stuck if you really need to print something. Lots of people will try and use their work printer for their own personal use, but this can put you in some hot water if you don’t have permission. Having a printer at home means you can use it any time of day or night without worrying.


If the reason you’re hesitating to buy a printer is because you don’t know what you’d use it for, you’ll probably be surprised to hear some of these applications. Lots of shops are no longer putting return labels in parcels, meaning you have to print off your own if you want to send back what you purchased for free. If you don’t have a printer, you might never get around to shipping those clothes that don’t fit back to the shop.

Printers are also useful before you go on holiday. It’s true that you can use an app on your phone for lots of plane tickets, but what happens if your battery runs out? Don’t take the risk and make sure you have a hard copy on you as well. You can also use your printer to make hard copies of maps, to-do lists and recipes. Once you have your machine, you’ll be finding more and more uses for it that make your life easier.

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