Why You Should Take Care Of Your Health In Your 20’s

Your twenties are all about having fun and experimenting with what kind of life suits you. Nobody knows what they’re doing in their twenties – even if they think they do at the time – everyone’s muddling through and trying out new ways of life as we grow up. The last thing any twenty-something wants to think about is getting older, slower, more jaded and less energetic…

… Nevertheless, these considerations are important, even in your twenties. There’s that old saying, ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’ and in many cases it is true. Taking care of yourself in your twenties doesn’t mean being ‘boring’ or a loser, it means preemptively taking responsibility for your wellbeing so that you can emerge into middle age with confidence and health on your side!

Here are three ways to take care of your health in your twenties!

Wear protective clothing and equipment.

One of the best things about being young is being able to party all the time with tonnes of energy! Not only this, but having the energy to spend your days with friends having fun and doing whatever you like. Many of us throw caution to the wind when it comes to taking extra precautions, but being careful and protecting yourself is important.

Protecting yourself could be as simple as wearing sunscreen when going to the beach and reapplying it throughout the day; wearing earplugs at concerts or in clubs; or wearing a helmet when you ride a bike. These simple actions can make a lifetime of difference to your life later on down the line.

Being young feels like being invincible, but alas, none of us are invincible. If you don’t want to suffer difficult hearing loss and go through the hearing test process; or sunburns which could result in further illness, make sure you protect yourself as a preventative measure.

Establishing healthy relationship boundaries.

Relationships in your twenties, either romantic, familial or friendship, can be painful and tricky to navigate. Everything is new, meaning that we make mistakes, go too far, and potentially hurt people’s feelings. One crucial aspect of growing up is learning how to set healthy boundaries in all your relationships.

How can you set boundaries in practical terms? Here are a few ways.

  • Learn how to have hard conversations.

Perhaps you have a close friend who always teases you about something. It started off as a lighthearted thing, but over time it has begun to sting you more and more, affecting your confidence and hurting your feelings. It’s been a while now and you feel like you can’t tell them to stop – but learning to have these hard conversations is vital for your growth as a person. This kind of situation doesn’t need to end in an argument if you approach it maturely and with sensitivity.

  • Tell people how you want to be treated.

Particularly when it comes to romantic relationships, often we expect people to be psychic and automatically read our needs and desires. However, this doesn’t usually turn out well, and most of us can end up disappointed in the results. Instead of this somewhat immature approach, learn to state what you need from others. Instead of waiting around for someone to treat you how you want, state it to them. If they can’t meet your needs then you know it’s time to move on.

Listen to your body

Our bodies are astonishing things – they tell us exactly what we need to know. Our bodies feel pain when something is wrong; they cry when we are sad; they smile when we feel joy. Despite the clear signals our bodies send to us about what we need to do and what serves us most, many people ignore those signs, particularly when we feel invincible.

In your twenties, you should establish the habit of listening to your body. If it is experiencing pain or difficulty, honor that. Listen to it. Act accordingly. The habit of listening is a simple one that can be cultivated over many years.

How do you start listening to your body? You could incorporate a meditation or yoga practice into your daily routine. These types of practices encourage you to look inward for a moment, instead of constantly looking outward at distracting things like devices, work or friends.

Final Thoughts

Your twenties are an intense time, both emotionally and physically. You are learning who you are as a person, the values you hold and who you want to become. Learning about yourself starts by looking inward and taking care of your health above all else.

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