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  • Every college student needs a group of people they can lean on during tough times. Consider it part of self-care! Take a look at why every college student needs a community and how you can get involved in one right now!

    Why Every College Student Needs a Community

    There is nothing more intimidating than taking on big challenges by yourself. I remember when I first went to college – I was a 17-year-old girl a thousand miles from home with no…

  • My Must-Have School Supplies for College | Every college student needs the right school supplies to be successful in school and to get good grades. These items are inexpensive and will help you stay organized so that you never miss a due date! Click through to check them out!

    My Must-Have School Supplies for College

    There’s just something about shopping for college school supplies that gets me all excited. I remember opening my planner for the first time and writing important dates on the fresh pieces of…

  • Practicing Self-Care in College | Taking care of yourself as a college student is important if you want to get good grades, study effectively, and learn the material in class. Make sure your brain and body are up-to-par with these tips. Click through to read my advice for implementing self-care into your daily routine!

    Practicing Self-Care in College

    I’ll admit it – I was not the best when it came to practicing self-care in college. Not only did I eat unhealthy during my freshman year, but I also didn’t…

  • Must-Have Items for Your College Backpack: Make sure you have all the college essentials you need in class and around campus!

    Must-Have Items for Your College Backpack

    Depending on your class schedule, you may find yourself spending hours away from your dorm room or apartment. With only a backpack (and maybe a purse) to carry all of your…