5 Easy Ways to Write Better Texts

Every writer looks for opportunities to develop his/her skills and create better copies. You want to write a text that is useful, memorable, and informative. What is more, you want your language to sound reach and advanced. Of course, your main aim is to deliver a clear message. Still, for writers, it is essential to sound appealing and interesting.

Let’s look at the situation from another angle. Not only you are a writer, but also a reader. When creating a text, you should keep your audience in mind and put yourself in their shoes. What do you usually expect from a text? You want to be entertained, informed, or inspired. However, sometimes, the message is too weak or unclear, so as a reader, you stay unsatisfied. Communication is the key. Let’s discuss the most efficient ways to make it strong and efficient.

Know what exactly you want to express

How to write good copies? First of all, you need to be mindful. Not only you should have something to say, but also you need to know what is it and how you want to deliver it. If you don’t have a full picture of your idea formulated in your head, then your text will sound the same. It will be vague, beside the point, and blurry. As a result, you will deliver nothing.

Before sharing information with your readers, research your topic. Read carefully and take notes. The notes can serve as a rough outline or the main points of your text. Think about the structure and keep everything in order when you write.

Know your audience

Second, you need to know for whom do you write. Each topic can be approached from numerous sides. For example, let’s say you are writing about music preferences and the way they are connected to a personality. On the one hand, you can tell your readers about the psychological aspect of the issue – a person’s character traits, his/her perception of an ideal self, and a desire to represent himself/herself in a particular way. On the other hand, you can tell about the cultural background of the territory he/she lives on, its traditions and values. See? The topic stays the same, but the content is different. To decide which side to take, you need to know the preferences of your readers and the platform you write for.

At the same time, you should choose something that interests you as well. The text will never be good enough if you don’t care about the topic.

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Follow the clear structure

Even though it sounds obvious that you need to have an introduction, body, and conclusion, this is an extremely crucial moment, so we decided to add it to these writing tips. Whether you are a college student, an academic writer at the best assignment help website, a journalist in a successful publishing house, or even a fiction writer – you cannot do without a clear structure. In fact, no matter what kind of text you are writing, the structure stays the same.

  • Introduction

Your first paragraph is crucial because your readers will decide if they want to read the entire article or not after reviewing a couple of first sentences. Make it engaging and promising. Just make sure that you will fulfill the promises!

  • Body

When writing a body part, make sure that you include important information only. Divide the text into sections, use subheadings and lists. Every time you want to add some details, ask yourself if they are essential. If not, don’t overload your audience with useless words.

  • Conclusion

The last paragraph is for a summary of your previous thoughts. To make the conclusion memorable, add some emotional elements. This might be an inspiring, optimistic, or even anxious pitch.

Style is crucial

Explicit and informative content is a must, but it is not enough for the audience to read your text with interest. It is hard to answer precisely what the style is. This is a bit abstract thing, something that makes a reader sure that he/she is reading a particular person. It is something that reflects the author.

Think about the most prominent writers with recognizable styles. You will surely distinguish Nabokov from Cortazar or David Foster Wallace from Don DeLillo. It doesn’t mean that you need to imitate their style when writing a blog post. However, you need to develop a technique to make your style bright and recognizable. Read more and try to figure out how the authors use the language, what are the effects of their texts, and how exactly they relate to the audience by means of the style.

Reread your text for a couple of times

Put your text away for a day or two and come back to it later. This will help you develop a distance between you and your writing. As a result, you will detect weak parts easier. Change the sentences that don’t seem persuasive or argumentative enough. If you are not sure that you can improve your text on your own, give it to your friend or relative and ask for critical feedback.

There are some crucial elements of a successful text: clear message, attention to the audience, structure, style, and careful editing. Be sure that you have a full idea in your head before you start writing, think about the preferences of your readers, keep up with the structure, and develop your recognizable style. Never neglect the last part, which is editing. Not only you need to check your text for mistakes, but also you should know how to improve it as a whole. To do so, you will have to read and reread it a couple of times.

So, now you know how to write better! Use these tips, and you will surely become a real knight of the pen soon!

Author’s Bio:

Susan Wallace is a freelance writer and a blog-owner. In her personal blog, she writes content for her pleasure, sharing her experience as a writer and reader. She observes recent books and provides tips for aspiring writers and students. When Susan is free from her work and blog-posting, she works on her fiction book.

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