Benefits of ITIL Certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, better known as ITIL, is one of the most popular and valued certifications in the IT industry. This is reflected in the fact that 90% of FTSE companies in the world rely upon it for their IT operations. Initially launched as a series of books, ITIL outlines a set of standards for flawless IT management. One of the reasons for the popularity of this certification is it that strongly aligns IT and Business in a way that meets the organization’s needs. It is a very valuable certification to present on your resume, and the following are some of its benefits for individuals:




As mentioned, ITIL is one of the most popular certifications and is bound to add value to your resume. Now, it may be during your annual hikes within your organization or while applying for new opportunities; an employer would always appreciate a certification of this capacity. Professionals with an ITIL certification are rewarded with 11% higher pay packages with an average of $98,000 in the US. So, if you are looking for an innovative way to get an edge over the competition, this is the way to do it. You can go through the detailed eligibility criteria for the Know the ITIL certification eligibility before you opt for it.




The ITIL Certification is an Internationally recognized benchmark for top-quality talent. It will not only help you be more easily employable across various countries but also help you stand apart. Also, since IT is the industry of the future, it is bound to create endless opportunities. With the industrial revolution 4.0 upon us, there are new technologies being implemented in organizations every day. In fact, AI alone is set to create 58 million jobs by 2022, according to Forbes.




Under the current scenario, IT is certainly a core business function and has become more relevant than ever before. With the objective to improve the business service, ITIL imparts practical and strategic knowledge for IT service management. Thankfully, this knowledge is transferable across various industries and functions and can have a substantial impact if used properly. If you want to make a greater impact on your organization, this is certainly a certification you should consider. Now, that we have understood the benefits and the impact that this certification can have on an individual, let us also recognize the influence it can have on an organization.


Better Business and IT alignment


As mentioned above, ITIL is able to align Business and IT seamlessly. This is one of the major benefits you are offered as an organization through ITIL. In fact, the overall objective is to align the services provided by IT with the overall needs of the organization. By standardizing certain IT processes, executives are able to predict the cost of specific service deployments better. Through this, you can shift the role of IT from a back-end cost center to a front-facing revenue generator. Though it does not create business strategies, it does support them and brings technology teams in line with other business departments.


Better Quality of Service


ITIL helps in identifying bottlenecks in-service process and also the root causes of the issues. Subsequently, this helps you to take action and tackle problems instead of treating symptoms proactively. ITIL also includes service level management and business relationship management, which are both integral to the business. Through them, you can understand and manage customer expectations and hence offer better value.


Minimizes Risk


ITIL emphasizes continual improvement for an organization and employees a number of processes to ensure that, such as incident management and problem management. These processes will help reduce your risk of service disruption and in turn, enhance your response in the event of a disaster. By drafting methods for creating and deploying IT services, you significantly reduce your overall risk. Since each part of the transition is detailed rather than assumed, your chances of a catastrophe are significantly reduced. Even if an incident does occur, you can quickly restore services and develop effective workaround measures.


In today’s hyper-competitive environment, individuals are always looking for opportunities to shine. Having a certification like ITIL on your resume is certainly one way to do that, as we have seen above. Check the ITIL courses exam format and its syllabus and understand the level of difficulty to get the certification. Additionally, there is a range of benefits that the principles of ITIL offer organizations as well. With such a unique blend of benefits, ITIL is surely an extremely valuable approach to meet your own and your organization’s objectives.

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