5 Fun Reasons Why Yale is Better Than Other Universities

Great news! You’ve aced your SATs, sent out your application and you’ve received the answer you’ve waited for all this time. You’re going to Yale!

Although the challenge just begins, there’s still a lot of fun awaiting you once the semester starts. Fun get-togethers, partying, just hanging, and of course – studying your face off especially before finals.

But is Yale like most Ivy League universities? Not according to the Going Ivy Website, so let’s dive into the topic of why Yale can be a lot more fun than most universities.

New Haven is actually a great city, despite its wonky reputation.

Yeah, we know that New Haven has a bit of a bad rep but it’s a pretty fun place, especially if you’re looking for clubs, great places to eat (more on that later) and the best thing – it’s just ten minutes away from campus.

Grab a couple of your newfound friends and just go explore for a couple of days. Even though you may overhear that the city can be dangerous, during the day it’s a pretty chill place, and you’d be absolutely fine in the late hours as well. (That is, of course, if you don’t get yourself into dangerous situations.) 

And there are plenty of awesome libraries you can explore if you’re knowledge-thirsty!

Yeah, we reckoned that if you’re going to Yale you’d be into reading, studying and just absorbing all the knowledge.

So, rest assured that you’ll have a lot of books to go through and with the number of libraries that the university of Yale has, you’d have a different place to read at every day of the week.

And there’s a party every day of the weekend to take your mind off all that reading.

Frats are having a party every Friday, Saturday and yes, even on Sundays. And, c’mon, you can’t miss partying during your freshman year.

Even if you don’t have someone to go out with, you’re welcome at a frat party, so pretty much you can always find someone to chill, exchange a few words and pretty much everything in between.

And the best thing is… the workload isn’t unmanageable.

Yale isn’t like Harvard, per se. Meaning, you get to live your life and earn an awesome degree in the process.

Yes, you’ll have a lot to learn and spend days at the libraries, even pull a few all-nighters.

But it’s not all that bad. Even with all the studying, you’ll have plenty of free time on your hands if you’re good at managing your time.

Bonus tip: New Haven has the best pizza place… ever.

Yes! As every student, you’ll have to fuel all that partying and studying with something. Ask anyone for a great pizza place in New Haven and we bet you’ll get “Frank Pepe”. Well, it true. It’s the best pizza place in town. 

So, next time you’re wondering where to get a great slice of genuine American pizza just google Frank Pepe and let the mouth-watering flavors do their job.

Going to Yale can be one of the best experiences in your life! That’s why try to squeeze every single bit of the few years you have there and thoroughly enjoy the place, because it’s magical.

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