Fashionable Items Best Bought Second Hand

Some fashionable items are best bought second hand, thanks to the amount they cost when first released, or the way they were made, or even just the limited run time that meant many people couldn’t get to them.

The second hand market is alive with all kinds of fashion, and a lot of money can be made both buying and selling here; why not jump into the action and find something stylish that’s worth it for your wardrobe?

No matter what makes a clothing piece or an accessory best bought from a used or vintage store, here are some of the main pieces you’ll want to grab a hold of the next time you go thrifting.

Please note, there are certain items that you really shouldn’t buy second hand. An example is piercing jewelry. This needs to be bought sterile and kept clean in order for it to be guaranteed to be clean and hygienic. You can find out how to clean a tongue piercing here.

Luxury Jewelry

If you want to buy some new jewelry, it’s time to head to your nearest vintage or thrift store, because used jewelry is one of the best things to buy second hand. And this is for all kinds of reasons!

Second hand jewelry carries a lot more value than any pieces hot off the manufacturing line – they contain old stones and jewels, and their hallmarks will usually be of higher calibre. You’ll be able to find amazing jewelry pieces for only a fraction of the price that they’d be in a designer store, and it’ll be much easier to build a collection of jewelry items for your wardrobe or vanity table. And if you buy wholesale diamonds, you can even craft your own jewelry pieces for something entirely unique and specific to your individual style.

Swing/Wrap Coats

Coats are some of the most expensive things to put in your wardrobe – they’re an over layer, perfect in most to all weathers, and that means everybody in the world both wants and needs them. And because of that, fashion companies like to charge a lot; they’re popular items on the market, and they use a lot more material than just a t-shirt, and that’s often not very friendly on the budget.

So shop second hand, especially if you want a swing or a wrap coat. These are the most expensive of the bunch usually, but when you’re in a second hand shop, you’ll be able to find a good price. You’ll even get more options: second hand coats are usually made of vibrant colors, and are longer in length.


Handbags can be very pricey. They’re a very practical addition to any outfit, simply because they can free up our hands and also help to take our style to the next level, and yet they really can cost you an arm and a leg!

Which is why it’s good to buy handbags from a second hand store, rather than outright from a fashion retailer. A second hand handbag has stood the test of time already, proving it’s made of hardy material, and you’ll often find a greater range of styles inside a thrift store or charity shop, compared to a fast fashion label.

Buying your fashion second hand can work wonders; it’s cheaper for you, it’s better for the environment, and you’ll find something made of good material that’ll last you a while.

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