Dating in 2020: Here’s What You Can Do Better

Dating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While some of us genuinely enjoy the process of looking for a new partner (like… how?), dating is an exhausting, daunting task for the majority of today’s pool of single ladies and gents.

You’ve heard the horror stories – ghosting, breadcrumbing, catfishing – and for all we know, these could have already happened to you, too.

But trust us, maintaining a positive attitude towards dating is important. Don’t let the nightmares of your dating past haunt you forever! This year, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and give your dating habits a much-needed reset.

New Habits, New Results

If you find yourself feeling a little stuck, it’s probably time to switch up your dating game. Why would you keep having the same old convos and jumping through the same old hoops if they’re not giving you the results you want?

Granted, adopting the following dating resolutions doesn’t guarantee that you’ll immediately find your soulmate, but at the very least, they’ll give you better chances of success.

4 Dating Resolutions For 2020


  • Explore new places.


We get it, going to your favorite coffee shop for every first date can be comforting. After all, you’re meeting someone new, and it’s reassuring to be in a familiar place filled with familiar people.

While this certainly makes sense, exploring new places has its own merits, too. For one, even if the date doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, you’ve at least earned a brand new experience. If you don’t enjoy the date, it won’t be a complete loss.

What’s more, choosing to go to a museum, exhibit, or pop-up that you’ve been meaning to go to anyway takes some pressure off your date. Plus, they’ll have the benefit of seeing you in your element. You have this brand new environment to appreciate, so you won’t have a chance to fixate on the person you’re with.

So go ahead and make a list of places you’d love to check out. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, incorporating new places into your dating routine can also help you avoid dating burnout. Win!


  • Give dating apps a chance (or try a new one).


Did you know that most couples in the US started with an online connection?

If you haven’t explored the world of online dating, 2020 is the perfect time to do it. These days, we’re given so many different dating apps and sites to take advantage of. And speaking of different apps, if you’ve been using a few of them but are yet to find success, then you might want to change up your strategy.

Give your profile a makeover. Even better, go ahead and try a new dating app. You can also stick to whatever app you’re on and explore brand new ways of using it. For example, did you know that you can look for specific people on Tinder through a Tinder search service?


  • Make it a part of your routine.


Sometimes, we resolve to give more attention to our dating lives – only to end up doing 2-minute swiping sessions twice a month. But if you really want to succeed, you have to regularly invest time and energy into it.

That said, make dating a part of your routine. If you’re exploring online dating, set a specific time every day to look at profiles and send and reply to messages. Challenge yourself to make time for dates once a week, or make it a goal to meet one new person online every day.


  • No, you don’t have a type.


Admit or not, people tend to stick to a certain “type” when they’re looking for people to date. While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that, it can be rather limiting.

This year, open up your mind (and heart!). Go ahead and grab a coffee or go to dinner with someone you don’t typically gravitate to. Forming meaningful connections with people rarely has anything to do with looks. Who knows? You might find yourself connecting to a person because of their personality, charm, or wit.

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