5 Gift Ideas For Your Next White Elephant Party

We know, we know! You are excited for the holidays, and you are feeling good this winter! We know you can’t wait to get to that white elephant party and start that gift exchange! But, is it just us, or have you also not spent enough time around people (pets maybe) lately to know what to buy someone? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in that feeling. We know how it goes. That’s why we are here to give you a few ideas that will help your gift be the one everyone wants, no matter who is at the party!

An Ugly Christmas Sweater

A men’s ugly Christmas sweater, from Tipsy Elves, is one of the best outfits to get guests talking at a party, so there is no doubt it will be the gift everyone wants from the gift exchange! Plus, by buying a men’s styled sweater, that will mean it fits like a unisex item, so no matter who gets the gift, it will fit them! And that’s great, because they really have a sweater for everyone! You could get one that lights up, has Santa slam dunking presents, or even one that is interactive (beer holster ugly sweater, anyone?)! There are no wrong choices when it comes to these sweaters. So, take your pick, wrap it up, and soon you’ll be the talk of the party.

A Can Holder

No one, we repeat, no one, wants to drink a warm canned item. With a BrüMate Can Holder, hot can drinks are a thing of the past. It is so easy to use, the gift recipient will just have to unwrap it and put their can in to begin instant chilling. The 12 oz slim can hopsulator comes in plenty of design options. But since it’s a white elephant gift, we recommend going for a more neutral color, like the walnut wood option. Unless everyone in attendance loves glitter, then the glitter mermaid design is probably your safest bet.

An Axe Throwing Kit

Who would have thought throwing axes at chunks of wood would not only still be captivating in today’s world, but that it would become the phenomenon that it is. You can’t go to any big city without seeing an axe throwing spot. We don’t recommend buying a box of axes for your contribution to the white elephant, but we can put a big thumbs up toward a safe axe throwing kit from Eddie Bauer. This set can be used to entertain indoors and outdoors. It will be a hit with the more adventurous party attendants, and it will give those that haven’t ventured into the world of axe throwing a good intro.

An Air Freshener with Your Face on It

There is always at least one gift at the white elephant party that is a gag gift. Most of them though, aren’t really usable (we’re looking at you, homemade coupon guy). It’s time for you to be the unique one.  A custom shape air freshener with your face on it, from InstaFreshener is the perfectly practical gag gift. People will want the air freshener, and you will get a good laugh knowing your face is hanging from their rearview mirror.

A Balancing Bracelet

If you are going to a party with your more self-aware friends, it may be the time to bust out a Lokai bracelet. The classic Lokai is a great go-to, but they have classier stone and cord options as well. Lokai’s mission is to remind you to stay humble when you are on top of the world, and stay hopeful when you feel like you are at your lowest.  The white bead contains water from Mt. Everest, and the black bead has mud from The Dead Sea. The highest and lowest points (geographically) on earth. Those will help to remind the wearer of the humble/hopeful balanced goal.

Though each party is different, we guarantee any of these 5 gifts will be a hit. So, don’t be the person that brings a pack of toilet paper (that part of 2020 has ended) or the classic cop out, a bottle of booze. Be the person who brings something people will actually use or find entertaining! Happy trading!

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