5 Secrets Of eBay For Buyers And Sellers

Are you a big eBay fan? Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, these tips are sure to help you in the future.

It’s Easier Than You Think To Get Reviews

eBay businesses live and die based on reviews. As such, it’s worth exploring the best ways to gain the highest number of positive reviews as quickly as possible. There’s a simple way to do this when you’re just starting out. You need to buy cheap, high-quality wholesale items and immediately start selling them at a price where you don’t even make a profit. Instead, sell them so that you break even. Always drop a positive review for each customer that buyers and you’ll earn one right now. Before long your business will look reputable which is exactly what you need.

Collection Only Isn’t The End Of The World

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve found an item that you love on eBay only to discover that it’s too far for you to travel to collect it and the seller isn’t providing a delivery service. You can move goods bought on eBay using other services that you can find online like Shiply. Using a solution like this, you’ll be able to get someone else to pick it up for you and deliver it straight to your door. There’s no stress and no financial burden using a solution like this. It can be a great option if you’re on a budget but can’t resist an item you want.

Don’t Forget To Research

eBay has released reports over the last few years and they are well worth diving into if you’re planning on selling through this platform. These reports provide details of the most popular and commonly used search terms by buyers. If you explore these and start using them yourself, you will immediately boost the optimization levels of your listings. This means that you are going to attract a lot more buyers to your store and view your item.

Trick Your Buyers

Heard of FOMO? Fear of missing out is one of the things that compels people to buy off eBay and similar sites. To get this effect, you need to make people think others want an item you’re selling. You can easily do this by creating a couple dummy eBay accounts. You can then use these to add items to your watch lists. Now, when people view items you’re selling it’s going to seem like people are watching the products and keen to buy, even if this isn’t actually the case.

Escape The Purchase

Finally, you might think that when you click buy on an item on eBay the purchase is set in stone. While this does ultimately mean that you have entered into a purchase contract with a seller, eBay does provide you with a limited amount of time to back out of the transaction. You have about five minutes after clicking to cancel the purchase and ensure that no money is taken from your account.

We hope this helps you out a little more regardless of whether you’re buying or selling through eBay.

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