6 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

We know that as a student, or even just an adulting adult, finances can be tight. But don’t worry, we have your back. We want you to stay out of debt and only ask for financial help when it is really necessary. And Valentine’s Day is not one of those times where you need to break the bank.

  1. Personalized puzzle

Choose the best photo of the two of you, and submit it to be printed onto a puzzle. You can pick the size and style, which means you can really pick which one fits into your budget. If your partner ends up really loving it, you can keep doing the puzzle over and over again or you can glue it together and hang it on the wall! This is a gift that will remind them just how well the two of you fit together.

  1. Coupon book

Did you ever make a homemade coupon book for your parents while growing up? If so it was probably filled with things like: “Good for one mowed lawn”, “can be redeemed for a sink full of dishes”, etc. Though those are part of your common household duties now, there are still so many options to put in your coupon book. Things like: “I will go pick up dinner, no questions asked”, “you get to pick the movie tonight”, or even “good for one back rub”. The possibilities are endless on this one because you can list out all the things that they don’t like doing, and take on those responsibilities for them! As long as you have a pen, paper and a stapler, this one costs you nothing but time!

  1. Massage

If your partner redeems that back rub coupon, it will be great to be prepared with a little something to kick the massage up a notch. Should you spend the money on a candle or massage oil? Well, why not both?! Maude has a candle that melts into massage oil, making this an extremely versatile gift, that will be well worth the money! You get the two things you need for the massage, and you get that intimate time with your person. There is no losing with this one!

  1. Homemade meal

Though it is nice to order take out when celebrating, making a meal for your loved one will show them just how much you care about them. The time you take to prepare, shop, and cook will prove how much thought and love went into the meal! Plus, by only buying the ingredients for the meal, you have control over creating and sticking to the budget. So, think of what one of their favorite meals is, and go for it! You will feel accomplished and they will feel spoiled. Sounds lovely to us!

  1. Classic Valentine’s gifts

There are so many classic gifts you can get your person for Valentine’s Day. Like roses, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, succulents or chocolates. But who has the best stuff, and will they be sold out or wilted by the time you can get them? Don’t stress, FTD has the best Valentine’s gifts for her. Their beautiful arrangements will leave her speechless and their affordable price will leave you with some money to spare.

  1. Slippers

Criss Cross slippers are all the rage right now, but most of them come with a hefty price tag. But you don’t have to break the bank to get your beau a pair of cozy slippers. Shein is just one of the places where you can find those all the rage cozy slippers for a fraction of the normal cost. You can even find them in all different color schemes and patterns. Making it so you find that perfect Cinderella fit for your real-life princess.

Remember, staying within a budget doesn’t have to limit your creativity and passion. Allow your heart to speak for you, and you will be all set. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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