The Importance of a Plagiarism Checker

The Importance of Running Your Thesis through a Plagiarism Checker

Why You Should Use a Plagiarism Checker

Before printing and binding their thesis, most students check for plagiarism. This is usually done using a plagiarism checker. But should you use a plagiarism checker for your work? While you may not use it, your university will use it to check your dissertations and thesis.

As the author, running your document or work through a plagiarism checker ascertains whether it is indeed your intellectual property. While you are allowed to use other research and documents for your writing, you must quote the source in the right way to avoid plagiarism.

NOTE: Also, improper citation of a source is classified as plagiarism (e.g.: by forgetting to state the year). Such careless mistakes can have serious consequences and even lead to failure in the thesis or dissertation.

Since you are quoting and paraphrasing the work, you may make errors. Using a plagiarism detector, you can correctly ascertain whether the quotes are well done and if you used the literature in the right way. To determine if you quoted the texts appropriately, you should consider passing your documents through a reputable plagiarism checker.

The Best Plagiarism Software: Paid or Free?

Once you have chosen to use a plagiarism checker, you can either use the free option or the paid professional plagiarism checker. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should assess them in order to find the most viable options. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Free Software for Plagiarism Checking- The Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many providers on the market offering free plagiarism test tool. Free services tend to attract a lot of clients and have their upsides and downsides. They are not bad just because they are free. Before you begin using them, you should assess the pros and cons and weigh your options.


  • Free


  • They have unclear data protection policies
  • You may fall into the hands of unscrupulous providers
  • May contain additional hidden charges for the full version

As an author, you will save a substantial amount of money when you use the free plagiarism checker. Nevertheless, you risk not checking your dissertation or thesis thoroughly enough. In most cases, the free software uses an algorithm that assesses every third or fourth statement in your papers. They are not accurate and may expose you to costly mistakes, especially with other people’s copyrights. As such, it is not thorough in checking all plagiarism errors.

Looking at most free plagiarism providers’ servers, you realize that they are outside of Europe or the US and may not adhere to the data protection standards relevant for European or American writers. As such, you risk losing your data. If your data gets lost, you may not have a way of recovering it or proving that you are indeed the rightful owner. After checking your work, someone else may access the work and possibly publish it as their own. In extreme and unfortunate cases, someone may even publish your work before submitting it to your university, hence nullifying all your work. That’s where the cost comes in.

The other con you get is dealing with unscrupulous dealers. They may have unfit regulations on data themselves. Most free tools save your data in databanks and can share it. As such, if the same paper is run on the software, it may be flagged as plagiarism.

Warning: If you use a particular plagiarism checker and your university uses the same, you risk having the entire paper flagged as plagiarism. Some software providers save the final paper and store it in their databank for sourcing and referencing. Therefore, your paper may be disqualified and classed as plagiarism.

The Perks of Using a Professional Plagiarism Checker

While you have the full dispensation of choice whether you want a paid plagiarism checker or a free option, you must ensure that you find a professional plagiarism detector. You may be tempted to use a free checker if your paper is short, and this is perfectly fine, especially if you aren’t worried about any data protection issues. Nevertheless, if your paper is a long one and dear to you- like a dissertation, you may need to work with a paid professional plagiarism software. After all, it is a significant investment and a protective measure for your academic documents is necessary.

Tips for Getting the Best Providers for Checking Plagiarism

When looking for an excellent plagiarism checking software, there are a few things you must consider. Here are the three major things to look out for.

1. The organization’s professionalism: Before enrolling or posting your work on the plagiarism checker, you should take a careful look at their ‘Terms and Conditions’, especially regarding the data regulations.
2. The organization’s ratings: Other independent platforms may give reviews and ratings concerning this plagiarism checking software. Take a look at them and see what they say about the providers.
3. Time taken to run the checker: You must assess the time taken to run your paper through, eliminate all the mistakes, and give a viable response.

Below are other points to check when finding the ideal plagiarism checker.

4. The data storage: You should check whether your paper is removed from the provider’s databanks. To be sure about this, check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ on the software.
5. Cost: You must compare the different providers’ cost and settle with the options that work best for you. Bear in mind that expensive is not equivalent to high quality.
6. Registration processing: In most cases, the process takes a considerable amount of time, which may not be worthwhile. If it is free, you can skip the registration process and check your work. Furthermore, the providers may be collecting too much information, some of which may be unnecessary.

Our Recommendation: BachelorPrint’s Plagiarism Checker

In order to get excellent plagiarism software, we have come up with a viable recommendation to match your needs. We have used our above checklist to give you reliable information.

Checking the different plagiarism software providers, you will find BachelorPrint to be among the best providers. The plagiarism checker is not only friendly but also dependable for users.

Even better, you have no worries about your data as the provider deletes all data from its servers within the first twenty-four hours after you check.

Additionally, it only takes ten minutes for BachelorPrint to run the plagiarism check, and notify you of any issues. You can check your dissertations and master’s thesis and submit it to the required authorities.

With a short registration process, you are guaranteed to get great value for your money. You can see this from the thousands of clients happy with the service.

Pros of using BachelorPrint’s plagiarism checker service:

  • Complete check in about 10 minutes.
  • Every sentence will be checked
  • Plagiarism report with links to the source to help you make quick improvements
  • Databank with billions of sources
  • Great value for your money!

3 Steps for Checking Plagiarism with BachelorPrint

Within a few key clicks, you can have your paper thoroughly checked using the BachelorPrint plagiarism software.

Step 1: Upload Your Document

First things first; you should upload your paper to BachelorPrint’s servers. You can easily upload it just as it is on the website as it accepts all the file formats, including PDF and Word document file formats. The website is conveniently navigable for anyone.

Step 2: Check for Plagiarism

After you have uploaded the document, the remaining part is to check for plagiarism.

Depending on the length of the document, it may split into different sections. The good thing is that you do not have to split it manually; the BachelorPrint algorithm does all the work. The plagiarism detector goes ahead to check from billions of sources available in the databank. The software then gathers all the plagiarism issues for your examination.

Step 3: Make the Suggested Corrections

You will then get a plagiarism report via your provided email. This report highlights all the issues and gives you every source of plagiarism. With this, you can make adjustments and remove all the plagiarism from your work. All you should do is click on the provided links and improve the mentioned text.

Conclusion: Choose the Right Option

While plagiarism can be avoided, it can be a little challenging, especially when quoting from other sources. Dealing with plagiarism can be disappointing; it is even further annoying if you are accused of plagiarism.

To avoid all these issues, it is wise that you pass your documents through a professional plagiarism checker. You can choose your favorite option from the many available providers online. Nevertheless, if your paper is a major document, you should spend some money getting professional plagiarism checking services. Trust your guts and intuitions during the process.

We recommend the BachelorPrint plagiarism checker service. Their reputation speaks through the positive experiences narrated by their previous customers.

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