Dissertation Printing and Binding: All You Need to Know

Dissertation Printing and Binding: Everything You Need to Know

After many months of research and hard work, you are finally done with your thesis. The climax of this long journey is to submit your work. Therefore, it is essential to have high-quality printing or binding for your dissertation. Listed below are a few key points to consider:

• What does printing or binding a dissertation involve?
• Where can I get high-quality printing or binding services?

This guide offers a detailed look at everything you need to keep in mind during the printing or binding of a thesis, essay or any other academic paper.

Where to Start the Printing and Binding of a Dissertation

It is most likely that you are doing your first academic paper which requires printing or binding. You have probably written many research papers during your college days but submitted them digitally. However, you now have to print and bind your dissertation and selecting the ideal printing or binding configuration is overwhelming. This article looks deeper into everything you need to know concerning printing or binding a thesis or other pieces of academic work.

Factors To Consider When Printing a Dissertation

There are a few factors that you need to consider before you begin printing or binding your dissertation. They include:
• Black and white vs color printing
• Type of printing paper
• Printing price

Below are a few guidelines to help you make your decisions.

Important Printing Decision Tip
Colour printing: You can either choose between black and white or colour printing. Colour printing tends to be slightly expensive. Coloured dissertation printing will give your paper a professional look. However, be careful not to overdo the colours.
Paper: Most copy shops opt for the 80g/m2 paper, which is relatively thin and tears easily. There is also a possibility that ink will shine through this paper. A tiny detail, such as the type of paper you use, plays a role in determining the look of your work. Consider printing your work from shops using quality 100g/m2 printing papers.
Price: Price is determined by the colour you choose, the type of paper you use and the length of your work. Consider making a list and comparing the charges of different providers.

Important Issues To Watch Out for During Dissertation Binding

Now you already know about printing your dissertation, but how do you ensure you settle for the best type of binding? The binding type you choose largely depends on the type of academic work you are submitting. For example, a research paper that took you months of in-depth research and writing deserves quality binding than a normal term paper that only took a few weeks to complete.

Additionally, you should consider the importance of your academic work. A research paper contributes a huge percentage to your final mark, whereas a standard term paper holds less weight.

Note: Dissertation printing is not a part of your daily academic duties. It signifies a huge milestone and you should therefore do it to your level best. Find an ideal bind option that will make your dissertation stand out. However, it is important to look into your institution’s guidelines regarding how to print and bind your dissertation.

Tip! When it comes to binding, many universities and higher education institutions have special requirements. Therefore, first consult your institution regarding the guidelines you need to follow for printing and binding a dissertation.

Different Forms of Binding

When it comes to thesis binding, you will be happy to realize there are several options to consider. In this section, we will review the commonly used to make it easy for you to make a well-informed decision.

Classy Leather Book Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

This form of binding, the leather book binding, is ideal for highly important academic work. It gives your work a solid professional look. With BachelorPrint, you get a wide variety of customization options to choose from, such as custom embossing, bookmarks and corner protectors.

Recommendations: Any sort of final paper is suitable for leather book binding:

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Master’s thesis
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation

The Classic Thermal Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

It is a versatile form of binding. It has a transparent top cover, meaning that your title page will be clearly visible. The back cover has a leather-like texture and is available in different colors.

Recommendation: It is ideal for research papers with a low page count. Additionally, it is an inexpensive option when you want various printed copies of your academic work.

The Perfectly Designed Softcover for Dissertation Printing and Binding

If you want your dissertation to stand out, this should be your ideal option. It is flexible in that you can design your cover in the way you have always envisioned. This option comes with a variety of logos, pictures and fonts; you are spoilt for choices. However, it is important to maintain professionalism by keeping your work less clustered. Do not overdo the designs!

Recommendation: It is ideal for all papers. However, it can only hold a small number of pages, therefore not suitable for extensive research papers and comprehensive thesis.

The Cost-Effective Spiral Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

This simple option comes with a transparent top cover and a leather-like back page. It has a lot of similarities to thermal binding, only that, in this case, the pages aren’t glued together. They are instead held together by plastic or metal spirals. You can choose the form of spirals you want and the color of the back page.

Recommendation: It is ideal for short term papers with a low page count.

An Overview of the Binding Methods

Here is a tabulated list of the different forms of binding to guide you in choosing the most ideal for your needs.

Where To Find Quality Dissertation Services

With sufficient knowledge on how to print and bind your dissertation, the next step is to find quality service providers. One option is going for online copy services where you can order for services remotely and have your final work delivered to your doorstep. When getting your services online, it is important to ensure that the service provider offers high-quality services.

BachelorPrint is one of the online printing service providers whose services stood out for us. This leading online platform has several benefits on offer. They have free express shipping and you are sure to receive your work shortly after they are done.

Their outstanding services include:

  • 3D preview: You get to view the inside and outside of your work from their website
  • Free express shipping for all orders
  • High-quality services at a reasonable price

Ensuring You Have a Smooth Dissertation Printing or Binding Experience

Submitting quality academic work will take a lot of your time and effort. However, by following the tips above, you will have a smooth experience.

You have the free will to decide where to get your services. You can do it in a copy shop within your city or an online printing service. If you are looking for an efficient way to have quality services, BachelorPrint is the way to go. This user-friendly online print shop allows you to have a view of your work in 3D even before printing. Additionally, you get to enjoy free shipping to your preferred destination. This is just a glimpse of why we highly recommend their services.

Good luck with your dissertation printing and binding!

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