6 Eye-Opening Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Among the numerous assignments that students must handle in college, essay writing is one of the most time-consuming and challenging ones. There is no multiple-choice, where you may successfully learn the subject or simply guess the right answer. Writing requires your creativity; this is a skill that you may learn and practice to make it perfect.

So, what are the ways to simplify the process and improve your essay writing skills? Let’s look through some of them.

How to Begin

Before you start writing, make sure that you understand the prompt completely. The main idea of the essay is to show the ability to build logically-structured arguments, to persuade the readers in your point. So, it’s essential not to misunderstand the prompt and follow the wrong direction.

After that, you can start answering the question by paraphrasing the prompt. Many start an essay by simply rewriting the task. But that’s a common mistake, which teachers don’t encourage. Instead of repeating the assignment, it’s much better to paraphrase it, build a different structure of the sentence by using synonyms, changing the grammar, and the perspective. For instance, using passive voice instead of active.

If you want to learn to write excellent papers, but don’t know what to begin with, doubting if you’re doing everything right or not, turn to professionals in Dissertation Writing Service where you may order any essay or paperwork on any topic with fixed deadlines. Start learning from experts, take an example, look for nice techniques in their texts, which you may later apply in your works.

Make an Outline

It may seem an obvious tip, but many students ignore this step and make a great mistake. Before starting to write, one should be confident that they gathered all crucial ideas and information. To make the process efficient and work for you, you need to have a plan and main arguments that you’re going to use.

You may think that it’s a waste of time, but on the contrary, it saves time in the process. It is always a win-win situation to have everything written, rather than to regret forgetting to include important ideas that you came up with.

Come up With the Hook

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” Stephen King.

To grab the attention of a reader, it is always a good idea to insert a nice hook. You can use a quote, a joke, or a question for this purpose. Teachers read tons of similar essays every day, so making an effort to surprise them can keep their interest in your particular work. A hook is a perfect tool to make your paper unique and stand out.

Furthermore, a good idea is to personalize the hook and direct it to a particular teacher. If you know his or her preferences, you may take advantage of it and write a statement that will find a response. So, don’t miss out on this simple trick. Just don’t forget to mention an author of a quote otherwise, it may work against you.

Keep It Simple

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” Jack Kerouac.

Many attempt to use more complicated and fancy words in their essays, hoping that it will make them seem more intelligent, but such an approach may conversely spoil a good article with clever ideas.

A smaller number of well-structured and well-thought-out arguments is always better than a large number of poorly structured ideas, with tons of difficult words.

Don’t overestimate your academic vocabulary by picking needlessly complicated words. It may first be time-consuming, and secondly, sometimes make the whole text difficult to read and perceive.

Proofread Online

Unless it is an exam essay proofreading becomes much easier with the help of online services. There are several of them, like Grammarly.com, PaperTrue, GetProofed, etc. These websites make sure that your paper is error-free and provide useful advice on how to improve the text; they’re affordable, quick, and reliable. Try playing word games to develop your vocabulary, or other ideas that combine fun and learning.

Don’t miss a chance to have your work perfectly neat and avoid extra spelling mistakes.

Get Inspired

Whether it’s an essay or research work, try to enjoy the process and treat it as something useful in your life. Writing develops our ability for critical thinking. You learn to analyze the issues from all sides and convince others in your opinions. Such skills are required not only for assignments but also at work and the whole life.

To make it more pleasant, one should attempt to find the topic of the essay interesting. It may be challenging, but the key to success is to enjoy the whole ride.

So, try to implement any of the tips and improve your writing skills with pleasure.

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