How to Display Earrings

If you are unable to see them, the chances are high that you will not put them on, which is the case for most jewelry. If you constantly lose earring backs or your jewelry is lumped together in big balls, you are likely to find yourself putting the same few jewelry pieces occasionally.

So, it is time that you untangle that pile of jewelry on your dressing table and exhibit your most stunning accessories in a manner that will inspire you to wear them. There are a plethora of organizing techniques that you can use to mix your style and function, and below are some of them.

Jewelry tree

Gathering a few branches from the backyard is an ideal means to display your earrings. Hang short jewelry pieces such as brooches and rings on short branches and long pieces such as pendants and necklaces on long branches. As you expand your collection, add more branches to keep the jewelry tree growing.

Check it out

Exhibiting your jewelry on a vanity like you would cosmetics is perfect for various reasons. Not only can you view all your elegant earrings at once, but also check them out in the mirror once you are through with your dressing to figure out if you like the look.

Boutique display

Do you have too many earrings to put in a particular spot? Showcase them using the boutique style. You can utilize shadow boxes, storage crates, or a mannequin. This can put all your jewelry pieces in a particular spot. Additionally, you will never tire out from the look.

Creative combinations

Utilizing an array of materials makes your jewelry display attractive and convenient. Rings sit tight in small saucers while necklaces and earrings hang appealingly from old vent screens. Bracelets and larger beaded necklaces can hang on a dessert stand, whereas bangles can be well-stacked on a repurposed paper towel holder.

Corkboard wonder

A fast and efficient means to access all your titanium earrings and other jewelry pieces is by handing them on cork boards. Use frames to keep them chic and exclusive. Also, you can surround them with works of art. Moreover, you can use a low display shelf to keep stud earrings and rings.

Picture perfect

When hung inside whitewashed frames, jewelry looks like artwork. The picture-perfect display technique is accomplished with wires and hooks. For a solid and organized display, surround your frames with mementos, greenery, and pictures.

Pretty and prepared

Simply displaying your jewelry can be more of your taste. So, take a pretty dish and set out your tomorrow’s accessories. When morning comes, you will know where to find them. Also, they will look attractive when you put them back after use.

Fetching collections

If you have a big collection of jewelry, invest in a jewelry box that is velvet-lined. Your jewelry pieces will have a more sophisticated and stylish appearance. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to spot the one you are looking for.

Out the door technique

Are you always in a hurry? Prepare your accessories when you prepare your clothing. Hang your jewelry pieces on clear and removable wall hooks. While at it, ensure that it is near your perfume, makeup, as well as the wallet. After, grab them, spritz, and head out to your errands.

In conclusion, the jewelry pieces and accessories you wear are striking. So, why should you put them away when you are not using them? Displaying your pendants, bracelets, earrings, gems, and other accessories with the above display techniques can do more than just décor. Not only will they be more appealing but also enable you to find them with ease when you are in a hurry.

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