7 Key Pieces For Your Winter Wardrobe

The beginning of winter means a few things. Holiday music is playing on the radio in continuous loops, gingerbread lattes are being served at Starbucks, and it’s socially acceptable to spend all day watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Unfortunately, it also means the start of finals and a significant drop in temperatures. With the combination of snow days and the stress of studying (or of holiday preparations, if you’re already out of school), you may be tempered to spend the next several weeks in a baggy sweatshirt, leggings, and slippers. That’s perfectly understandable, and far be it from us to speak out against maximum comfort during the holidays!

Still, you don’t need to lose your sense of fashion during the winter season merely because there’s a lot going on and it’s getting cold. There are plenty of chic styles and garments you can rock, without compromising comfort or coziness. Here, we’re identifying seven key pieces you should consider adding to your winter wardrobe.

1. Combat Boots

Combat boots are perfect for walking on snowy ground, or even just across a frosted quad or icy sidewalk. The traction on the boots will ensure you won’t slip (or at least make it less likely that you do), and the sturdy designs of these boots will typically help to keep your feet nice and dry – as well as warm, given that they allow for nice, thick socks. On top of all this, combat boots also add a nice edge to any outfit.

2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are extremely versatile. You could throw on a trendy workwear coverall for an early morning lecture or a coffee date. You can also dress them up a bit, with a white, backless option from online retailer Revolve serving as a stunning option for any holiday parties you may have on your schedule. No matter the specific style though, these pieces also tend to be roomy enough to allow some indulgence, whether that means some pumpkin bread at a coffee shop or a few more glasses of eggnog at a party.

3. Double-Breasted Blazer

If you happen to have any more businesslike events on your winter agenda – a job interview, a meeting of some kinds, or even a lecture you may be giving for a course before the break – a double-breasted blazer or suit jacket will give you the necessary layer of outerwear while helping you to look sharp and sophisticated. In the winter, you’ll want to stick to neutral hues, such as navy, black, and gray, or refined patterns, like plaid or houndstooth.

4. Leopard Print Fleece Pullover

Fleece pullovers give you all the comfort of a hoodie, but with way more style (unless you’re specifically going for a grungy-casual look). To up your fashion game, choose a pullover with a fabulous animal print. We’d opt for leopard print, which can make even the drabbest outfit into something fierce, and which makes for a rare statement where light winter outerwear is concerned.

5. Stylish Wool Coat

Every fashionista needs a stylish wool coat for winter. You’ll be sure to be pleasantly toasty in this chic outerwear. Plus, a wool coat is a great option if you’re not one for the form-fitting pea coats and the like you see in store windows and on catalogue covers. More inclusive alternatives from Woman Within include some adorable wool coats for the coming season, suitable for ladies of any shape or size. The collection’s Wool-Blend Classic A-Line Coat is excellent in neutrals like heather grey and navy, and we love the Wool-Blend Double-Breasted Peacoat in navy plaid.

6. Floor-Length Wrap Dresses

For some serious 1970s vibes (which are pretty stylish these days, we might add), wear a floor-length wrap dress in a winter floral pattern. To modernize the look a little, put on a fitted leather jacket and a pair of white sneakers. It’s an unorthodox winter ensemble, but one you’ll likely turn heads with.

7. Oversized Turtlenecks

Wearing an oversized turtleneck basically makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket – and really, what more do you want out of a stylish winter garment? If you’re interested in getting a bit more colorful than is typical of the colder seasons, opt for something Urban Outfitters’ bright-red 2019 turtleneck, or even a striking rainbow sweater that can be found at Anthropologie. The latter is a spectacularly playful option for a season that sometimes doesn’t get enough color.

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