5 Apps For College Life

College life can be tough. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t, sure you have parties but you also have major financial and exam stress.

Unfortunately I can’t make that stress go away completely.

Although in an effort to help you out a bit I’ve compiled a list of apps to help you live your best college life. Also because I know that you are all college students and funds are low, all of the following recommended apps are free!

The best free apps for college students to help you stay focused, motivated, in shape, and more!


Spotify is an app we are all familiar with, it is the mecca of music apps! You can easily complile countless playlists for all matter of occasions such as runs and nights out and they even have a Focus option filled with playlists to help you concentrate while you study.

Lucky for us, Spotify provides students with a montlhy-discounted rate so we can listen to music without ads and without feeling like we’re spending a fortune. Just make an account on the app and verify that you’re a college student through your institution’s page. Happy listening.


Unidays is crucial for college life.

I’m coming to the end of my college life now and the one thing I’m making sure to do is avail of all my student discounts!

Find amazing student only discounts to your favorite stores all in one place. They cover a wide range of products such as clothes, food, tech and beauty so you’ll be sure to find something you like.

Best thing is that Unidays operates both in store and online for stores so no matter whether you feel like a duvet day or hitting the stores, they’ve got you covered. Sign up here.


Netflix on your phone is the ultimate luxury. Watch TV shows and movies anywhere, anytime.

Not during lectures though, I don’t advise you do that.

With subtitles you can easily watch Netflix on busy noisy commutes between college and home. You can also curl up after a hard day’s work put in at the library and binge watch your new favorite show.


College bedrooms tend to be pretty sparse.

If you’re lucky you’ll have a desk, chair, bed, wardrobe and beside table, but these are all very plain and old and boring.

Your room at college definitely won’t be as nice as your room at home which you have spent years lovingly decorating to a T. So to spice up your college room and make it feel a bit more like home, fill the walls with pictures.

You can use photos in a variety of ways to brighten up your room! Put up a noticeboard and decorate it with your favourite goofy high school photos. Put a cute photo of your family in a picture frame beside your bed. Print out black and white Polaroid photos to convince everyone you’re very cool and arty.

The options are endless.

LaLaLab is a great app for getting a variety of prints and also to get photos printed on magnets, postcards and phone cases. With this referral code you can get 5 dollars on your first purchase: PGC57MSU! Go snap crazy.

Nike Training Club

Gym memberships are really expensive and lets face it, we can’t always motivate ourselves to go after a long day of lectures.

This free app is perfect for college students as it is filled with workouts you can do in the comfort of your own bedroom. Grab a friend to do them with you so you can motivate each other.

Workouts also vary in intensity depending on your own fitness level so even if the biggest workout you do a week is walk your dog when you’re home, you can give this app a try.

Do you use any other great apps that make your day easier? Let us know in the comments below!

Guest Post Author:

Sarah Talty is a freelance journalist based in beautiful rainy Ireland. Sarah has interviewed everyone from astronauts to rappers and loves nothing more than researching and writing about something that excites her.  Binging on Netflix shows comes a close second! 

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  • Sophie
    January 9, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I’m so excited about the Unidays app. I had no idea they had an app.