7 Situations Where You’ll Want to Have a Flashlight Ready

A flashlight is one of those handy tools that you can never have too many of, and it is an essential safety and survival item. Tactical flashlights are the most durable and widely used in a variety of professions and hobbies. These lights are also critical components of survival kits or bug-out bags. Here are some situations when you’ll want to have a tactical flashlight close by, but, first, what makes tactical flashlights different from the common household ones?

Why Choose a Tactical Flashlight Over an Ordinary Light?

Tactical flashlights were originally designed to be used with a firearm for nighttime scenarios. Police academies teach law enforcement officers how to shoot in conjunction with a firearm to find their target. Today, many police departments issue weapons with mounted tactical lights on them to make night-firing that much easier.

Tactical flashlights are much more durable than an ordinary flashlight. They’re constructed from high-quality materials and can handle a lot of wear and tear. These lights are impact-resistant, which is one of the reasons police often use them with firearms.

Today’s tactical lights have an even broader range of use, and that includes use around the house. They’re reliable in emergencies and work through some of the worst environmental conditions. A good tactical light is brighter, lights farther, and is easy to carry. They come battery-operated or rechargeable for longer-lasting illumination and convenient charging. Purchase several to use for a variety of survival purposes around the house and on the road.

Situations to Have a Flashlight Ready

Remember that a tactical flashlight is more durable and reliable than a standard flashlight, and, for some of these uses, you’ll need a tactical light.

  1. Disorient an Assailant

Whether you’re checking out something suspicious on your property or walking to your car in a dark parking lot, you can use your flashlight to disorient attackers or even animals. Most tactical flashlights have a variety of modes for different purposes. The strobe function can blind a persistent thief or animal, giving you time to get away. Always choose to get away when possible instead of experiencing a confrontation. You stand a significant chance of losing a battle when the assailant has the element of surprise.

  1. Light Up the Dark

Illumination is the flashlight’s first use, probably going back to its first inception. Darkness cloaks dangers, whether that’s a criminal or a rough terrain. Light allows humans to do much more after daylight fades.

You can take it hiking or traveling as well as around your property to handle everyday activities like feeding farm animals. Luckily, modern tactical lights are lightweight and easy to carry.

Place one in a central location in every room of your house so that you can easily find it in case of a power outage. Or, if you come home and the lights are out, you can find your way around the house or property if you always carry a flashlight on you. Plus, who wants to try to find the breaker box in the basement without a light?

  1. Scouting Out Camp in the Dark

If you have a hunting camp, odds are that you’ll come back from hunting after dark. A good flashlight helps you check out the property to make sure there aren’t any threats in the dark. Crossing a big bear after sundown is much safer with a flashlight than without. Especially since many animals have night vision, and humans don’t.

  1. Start a Fire

In the absence of a reliable fire starter, your tactical flashlight may help you start a fire. There are a couple of different ways to do this, and the first involves breaking the outer glass of the light bulb, keeping the inner filament intact. Once you’ve broken the bulb, find some dry tinder and put it on top of the light and then turn it on.

You can also start a fire using the protective glass lens in the cap to magnify sunlight onto tinder. Sometimes flashlights with concentrated lumens can light a fire if you shine it onto tinder.

  1. Emergency Incidents

Whether you’re hiking in a national forest or broke down on a side street, a tactical flashlight has your back. It’s easier to get the attention of rescuers with a light, and this is critical if you are injured or stranded in the woods and help is close. You can also use a flashlight to signal SOS. Many lights come with directions on how to signal for help.

  1. A Source of Light in Extreme Weather Conditions

An extreme storm may knock out your power for hours or even days. It’s difficult to move around the house or do activities in pitch blackness. It’s another reason to keep multiple flashlights in your house so that there’s always one close by. A tactical flashlight is much safer than lighting a candle that can become a fire hazard.

Most tactical flashlights are waterproof, so you can use it outside if necessary. They can survive extreme temperatures and weather much better than a household light. A tactical light won’t break if you drop it, either.

  1. Self-Defense

Many law enforcement officers carry a small tactical light on their belt as well as a large airplane-grade aluminum Maglite or Streamlight. Those flashlights are extremely durable, and officers who find themselves in a fight often use them as an impact weapon since the light is already in their hand.

It’s frowned upon for officers to use their flashlight as an impact weapon because they aren’t exactly taught defensive tactics with a Maglite. However, there’s nothing to keep you as a citizen from using one if attacked. You’ll leave your assailant seeing stars and with quite a headache.

Whether you are planning for the unexpected, stranded in need of help, or simply handling chores after dark, a trustworthy flashlight can help you navigate and protect yourself. It’s one of the most important tools for survival or for simply getting more household chores done in the dark.

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