Advice For Parents To Help Their Child In Further Education

As a parent, you will just want the best for your children, and because of that, you may think that continuing their education after high school is going to provide them with the best possible future. Of course, there is no doubt that education isn’t the be all and end all, after all, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s modern society have little or no qualifications to their names. However, if your child does have big ambitions to have a particular skilled job such as becoming a doctor, a pilot or engineer, then college and university may need to be an option.

So as a parent, how can you ensure that your child gets as much out of their educational journey as possible? Are there things that you can help with or encourage to make the transition between high school and independent student life a little easier? With these questions in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can help your child thrive in the next steps of the educational journey.

Helping out with the finances

One of the first things that you can think about doing is considering helping out with the finance side of things. Going to university or even college can be expensive. Not just with the tools and equipment they need, the books and technology to help them through, but also the cost of the actual courses can be pricey. Saving now for their future when it comes to university ensures that they have the option, rather than basing their decision on their financial position. Many parents help out their children when it comes to university, and often their children will look to pay them back when they have gotten themselves a job and have settled into life outside of their education.

Research into grants and loans available

Another thing that you could think about would be to research grants or loans and see if they could help in any way. Many areas will have specific student grants and loans that could prove useful or that your child could be applicable to receive. There are also the general student loan options that are available to young adults who want to stay and continue with their education. Often these are paid back at a small percentage through full time wages when your child earns over a certain threshold, so it can be a very cost effective way to ensure that they get to study and continue their education without it causing too much financial harm on others.

Student accommodation versus staying at home

There are so many options to consider when it comes to university, and each one even offers different facilities, course types and things to consider. This can sometimes mean that your child needs to attend a university or college that is away from home. Student accommodation or looking into the private rental market may need to become an option. You may want to look at the costs versus the set up. They can be a great option to consider. However, for some, if your child gets the opportunity to study the exact course in the city or town closest to you, then staying at home while studying can be a very cost effective method. There will always be pros and cons to each option, so it is all about working out what will be best for your child to ensure that not only they get the right course, but they also get to experience the student life as well.

Encouraging your child to get involved

A useful tip to remember is that the whole student life aspect means that there is more going on than just studying. A course may not require too much classroom time when it comes to needing to attend school, which means that your child could put their extra time to good use. Encourage them to be involved with clubs and activities, supporting their university, being part of sports teams and generally getting involved. Places like Northeastern University have some great tips online. It is a great way for them to socialise and meet people, especially if they are not very confident in themselves.

Helping with time management hacks and techniques

Time management is always going to be a skill that your child will need to master to get them through life, which means that you may find that you want to ensure that you do all that you can to encourage them to learn different things that could help them. There are methods such as working out what time they are most productive, especially important if they have an assignment due. Or how to multitask so that they get certain jobs done in one go. There are plenty of options online that you can suggest your child tries, so they can determine how best to utilise the time they have for homework and other activities.

It is also about teaching them valuable life skills

If you want to help your child thrive, then a great suggestion would be to teach them some valuable skills before they head out to university. Things like cooking basic meals so that they don’t survive on take out or convenience foods. Helping them to be organised and manage their time effectively. It can often be the small things like this that can cause them unnecessary stress. So arming them with the right tools and knowledge can help them on their way.

Helping them when it comes to budgets

Finally, you may want to help them out when it comes to managing their budget, especially if they are in receipt of grants and loans. It can be tempting for a young adult to see money and want to spend it, but this can often mean that they run out so don’t take care of themselves in other ways. A little knowledge on managing their budget effectively could help them to feel less stressed about money and concentrate more on their course.

Let’s hope these suggestions help you to help your child get more from the next steps in their education.

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