Beginners Guide To Doing A Full Moon Meditation – What To Bring, What To Do During A Full Moon Meditation & More

The lunar cycle is wrapping up and, in just a short time, it will be a full moon again. Rather than miss out on its divine presence and power, take this time to plan for your full moon activities. Many people include meditation, a life path reading, journaling, or yoga as part of their plans. Unravel the meaning behind a full moon and learn different ways to harness its power for your next full moon meditation.

What Does a Full Moon Represent

Many people report being both energized and reposed; the power and intensity of the full moon are known for giving life and draining it all at once. You can also expect your experiences to be heightened and processes sharpened with the clarifying energy that this cycle stage brings. This is also an ideal time for medium readings. A full moon is said to represent many different concepts.

  • Life cycle to maturity
  • Ending transitioning to a new phase
  • Rhythm of time
  • Seed beneath the ground, ready to grow
  • Balance of energy
  • Harnessing of power

How To Do a Full Moon Meditation

Plan before the full moon. The most important way to do a full moon meditation is to learn what works for you. Try out some tips and practices that have been successful for others, or come up with your own. As the lunar cycle ends with the full moon, reflect on what intentions you wish to set for the next cycle.

  • If the moon is visible, find a spot to sit in its light
  • Sit comfortably in the direction of east or west
  • Focus on your purposeful breathing
  • Focus on the power of the moon
  • Focus on the intentions you set
  • Use the moon’s energy to power calming cycles of reflection

What To Bring to a Full Moon Meditation

There is no required set list of items to bring along for fear of not getting it right otherwise. Many people find that bringing certain items helps them focus and reflect with more purpose. Other people choose to bring along materials that may benefit from the power of the full moon.

  • Heirlooms

People often choose to bring heirlooms to either cleanse or recharge their energy. Many people bring items that were found thanks to sessions with lost objects psychics to reconnect energies.

  • Crystals

Crystals are used in many energy practices. The power of the full moon is used to recharge the crystals so that they are buzzing with energy for their next use.

  • Water

Many people use moon-charged water in other rituals and practices. For some, the water is used as part of a series of actions to achieve a specific outcome. For others, moon-charged water is used for cleansing baths during the rest of the lunar cycle.

Remember, the best way to get ready for your next full moon meditation is to reflect on the last lunar cycle and create new intentions that better serve your purpose for the new one. Use the energy from the full moon to guide and power your full moon meditation.

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