College Mini Tech Lab: Building a Tech Lab on a Budget

Perhaps you are a tech student, who needs gadgets to school, or simply a technophile who values the egocentric value of technology. We know that buying every gadget you need might be quite expensive, especially if you are a full-time student with no income and financial support. What if we told you it is possible to build that tech lab on a budget? You actually don’t have to spend over the top to create your own mini tech lab and we have compiled a few tips to help you get started!

Avoid Expensive Brands

You are probably aware that buying a gadget or device just for the name isn’t so smart moneywise. Sometimes when you are buying a given brand you are probably paying more for the name and not significantly on the quality or utility of the device. Given you do not want to spend money you do not have on your tech lab, you could go for cheaper alternatives to top brands Do a bit of research and find a nice alternative ideally from like competitors and you are bound to save on your gadget and device purchases.

Use coupons

Coupons are another way to save on cash when buying stuff for your mini lab. Many online stores do print out daily, weekly and monthly deals often advertised on circulars. An example is the Target coupons where you can check for offers and discounts on tech products on the store. Coupons can help you save some bucks particularly on those products you can’t find anywhere else easily.

Use Online Shopping to your Advantage.

Online shopping is a nice alternative to brick and mortar shopping given its advantages. One of the biggest advantages with shopping online is the fact that you can even buy your devices and gadgets from any part of the world. You can buy from wholesalers and even the manufacturer! So, use this to your advantage but remember to do enough research. Compare prices, discounts & products using things like reviews on forum, etc.

Buy Refurbished & Used Items

Some used or refurbished devices are just as good as new and you can save lots of cash going this route. However, you will need to be keen on the product you are paying for just to ensure that you aren’t flushing your cash down the drain. Also, weigh out between the option of going for new products and buying second-hand or refurbished products. At times, it might not be worth the risk particularly if you still have to go fix it or spend on buying many other accessories that would have come packaged with a new product.

Bulk Shop.

Two is better than one right? Even when tech shopping, there are times when it is economical to buy in bulk. Remember, you are trying to get a lab up and running albeit on a tight budget.  You can save on costs by bulk buying in those scenarios where you can get a discount, reduce shipping fees, etc.


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