Is Changing Your Career Really a Good Move?

We’ve probably all been there before, pondering what life is like in other career paths and staring at the green grass that our friends and relatives are treading on. However, changing your career can be one of the most difficult things you’ll do because it essentially involves restarting your life. Sure, there are a couple of jobs that allow you to transfer skills and experience so you don’t start from scratch, but if you want to make a serious switch to a different career choice, then you’re going to have to dig deep and start working hard.

But is changing your career choice really a good move, or is it a foolish waste of time?

It really depends on you.

Some people find that chasing their childhood dreams gives them endless motivation, allowing them to pick up new skills and embark on a new career path that is vastly different. Others root themselves in practicality, finding alternative careers choices that can take advantage of the skills and experiences they’ve picked up in their current job.

This is why motivation is perhaps the biggest defining factor when it comes to changing your career. The next step would be deciding what you want to change your job title to, and this is where you can start opening up new possibilities.

Below, we’ve included a brief infographic about nursing and what a degree in that career choice involves. Hopefully, it’ll give you some idea of what’s available out there and how you can pivot your skills to take on a more meaningful job.

Infographic: Carson-Newman University Online

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