Don’t Feel Fatigued? Look In The Mirror!

The signs of fatigue are out there in plain sight to see, but we have become so used to them, we perceive them to be normal. Everybody lives very busy lives and that means, we’re constantly tired, very fatigued and we have adapted to carry on regardless. This is not just bad for our mental health, but for our physical health. It’s true that the body can adapt to almost anything, but we are shortening our life expectancies and we’re not helping our late-life health needs either. So what can we do about fatigue? Well, first we have to spot the signs and react to them, so we can pull the veil off fatigue.

Sunken eyes

Do you have grey circles? Do your eyes appear to be sunken into your head? These are signs of a few things.

  • You’re not getting enough sleep! When we are tired and the root cause is sleep deprivation.
  • Do you have a poor diet? When you are eating fatty foods and have a bad eating schedule, both these things add to puffy eyes that seem to be deeper in the skull.
  • It’s also because of dehydration. When you’re not drinking enough, your skin becomes stretched and dry, causing your eyes to ‘pop out’ more.

Sunken eyes are directly correlated to having trouble focusing and not being able to maintain your mood. You will frequently feel tired and have blurry vision.

Feeling sapped of energy

If you workout, you will know the feeling of being ‘sapped’. It just feels like your whole body weighs more than it should. Putting one foot in front of the other is literally tiresome and annoying. It’s the kind of feeling you get after a 3-mile run. You just feel heavy, weak and unable to move at a normal or quick pace. The root cause of this is dehydration. Your body not only does not get the water it needs but your muscles are unable to absorb as much water. Toxins building up and blocking your ability to accept the H20 molecules, means you need to go for a specific rehydration service. Select from different IV drip types. The doctor will assess you and give you the green light. A nurse greets you and shows you what will happen. The IV is then fed into your system and it will take a couple of hours for it to fully cleanse your system and bring you back to full energy levels.

Darker complexion

When you haven’t been able to get in all your 8 hours of sleep a day, it can have a bad effect on your skin. Your skin will become darker and your complexion less fair. The best thing to do is to help your skin regain its contrast. Eating more foods with Vitamin E would help. Broccoli, tomatoes, red bell peppers and peas, will brighten your complexion. Get to sleep on time as well!

Fatigue has become the norm in our society. If you feel like it’s getting on top of you, you should commit to these solutions and make them a part of your normal life.

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