Encouraging the Inquisitive Mind

Deciding as an adult to pursue the reality of being a lifelong learner is an admirable goal to undertake. It can be easier said than done, though. Time constraints are the biggest complaint adults have to prevent them from pursuing knowledge. The second is the availability of resources on interesting topics. With an eye towards mitigating that second concern, there are several companies that now supply their adult educational book catalogs in electronic format to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on any subject.

She Blinded Me with Science

The fields of science, technology and medicine are always growing. New theories are frequently posited and new practices quickly become habit only to be cast aside for whatever newer practices are developed and proven. Keeping abreast of the changes in these fields can pose a hurdle to the curious learner unless you find a company that publishes frequently on these topics. The electronic catalog at Bentham Science Open could come in handy for you if you’re science-minded. Bentham Open specializes in publishing in all three fields. Their philosophy of making journals and books on STM topics open to both higher education students and lifelong learning adults ensures their varied catalog is easy to access.

Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout History

One of the most interactive subjects adults can pursue as lifelong learners is History. This may sound like an oxymoron as by definition, History is in the past so how can it be interactive? Studying History today isn’t like your grade-school Social Studies field trip. You can attend reenactments of pivotal battles where the reenactors dress in authentic period costume complete with weaponry, sans ammunition. Museums now have interactive exhibits or have completely revamped themselves into “living history museums” where you immerse yourself in the museum’s subject matter. You can also choose to take pre-recorded self-guided tours where you can switch off the electronic “tour guide” and explore the places which hold your interest most.

Choosing to continue to learn about a subject that interests you is easier with today’s technology and advancements than it ever was before.

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