3 Situations That Fall Under Family Law

There are many branches of law. One of these, family law, involves legal matters surrounding families such as divorce and marriage. Some law firms like Cordell & Cordell deal specifically with family law. However, there are subcategories within family law that lawyers like the Cordell & Cordell team may further specialize in. Many kinds of cases are classified as family law besides divorce and marriage; here are three of them.

1. Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases fall under family law. These cases involve more than just determining which parent receives primary custody. Other issues that may need to be resolved in these cases are child support, time split and visitation rights. Child custody attorneys can help with initial negotiation and paperwork. They can also help renegotiate custody agreements.

2. Adoption Cases

Lawyers specializing in family law also deal with adoption cases. Each state has separate laws regarding adoption, as well as certain legal requirements. Adoption lawyers help guide prospective adoptive parents through the adoption process and make them aware of the regulations they must comply with. This includes aiding in the search for an adoption agency or providing support and information for independent/private adoptions. If an adoption is contested, an attorney can help fight it.

3. Guardianship Cases

Another type of case that is part of family law is guardianship cases. Guardianship cases deal with adults as well as minors. Some of these cases involve adults getting guardianship of children who would otherwise end up in foster care. Other guardianship cases are about becoming guardians for both children and adults who are mentally or developmentally disabled and thus unable to properly care for themselves.

There are other kinds of legal disputes that require family lawyers such as conflicts about alimony, property division and estates. Family law can be a tricky and complicated process, and not having a good lawyer can leave you holding the bad end of the stick.

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