Essential Equipment for People Who Work from Home

Over the past year, the pandemic has forced a number of employees to work from home.

Whether you’re a small business owner who operates permanently from a home office, or you’re employed by a large company that has sent you to temporarily work from home, there are certain pieces of equipment that are essential. These are things that everybody who works from home needs to have in their home office.

  • Printer

Whilst working from home, every business needs to have home office printers. This is an important piece of equipment that enables you to print off important documentation, such as invoices or order forms. Printers are a small investment that is worth paying. In today’s market, you have a huge variety of different choices and you need to pick out the right equipment taking into account both the price point and the efficacy. Multifunction copiers and office printers are some of the most essential equipment for your printing needs. They have multiple functions copying, scanning, printing, faxing and so on.

  • Desk and Chair

It can be tempting when you work from home or to sit in bed with your laptop. However, lots of research suggests that people are much more productive when they sit at a desk and chair and are well away from the bedroom. For this reason, everybody working from home should invest in a sturdy desk where they can concentrate on their work each day.

  • Shredder

A shredder is an essential piece of equipment particularly for businesses that deal with sensitive information. This could be client addresses or patient treatment details. In order to properly dispose of documentation that discloses any confidential information, a shredder is a must!

  • Business Phone

Although a lot of communication can be easily done through mobile phones, they just don’t compare to traditional desktop telephones.

Having a desk phone enables you to separate your personal calls from your business calls. You can leave your mobile to the side so you aren’t distracted by your friends trying to FaceTime you or your mum sending you texts.

Desktop phones can also be hooked up to your computer, so any calls can be logged through your business software. This makes your work much easier and seamless.

  • Computer

Pretty much every business requires a computer nowadays. They’re an essential piece of equipment because most things that used to require physical paper copies are now digital, such as emails and invoices.

Maybe you need to upload content onto your brand’s website. Or you need to log onto your online store to view new orders. If you’re working alone from home, you likely already have a computer or laptop, but some businesses also provide special company laptops for you to use. These will have all of the relevant and necessary programmes pre-installed on there, ready for you to use.

  • Desk Lamp

Even if your office has huge windows and lots of natural light floods in, it’s always handy to have artificial lighting for those cold and dark days during winter. Having good overhead lighting is essential so you can see the fine print on your documents. It’s also helpful when you have online meetings so that your colleagues can see you clearly.

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