Essential Life Skills for Young Adults

The acquisition of various skills not only enhances your resume but also ensures that you can handle different life issues and increase your income streams. Here is a quick look at some of the life skills that you could utilize and their benefits to your life as explained in the Kizzy Parks’ AdultFluent podcast.

Staging a Home for a Quick Sale

In a conversation with Mollie Sheridan, Kizzy Parks sought to know how to stage a house to sell it fast and at a high price. Mollie (an interior designer) responded by saying the sellers should start by seeing the house from the buyer’s perspective. What would you want to see and find in a home that you intend to spend your day in? Staging means bringing in stuff into a house or arranging what is there so that buyers can feel what it is like to live in the property.

Besides, it is important to declutter the home and freshen up the space to make it look attractive to the buyer. When it comes to staging, looks are everything. It is also good to have a budget and look for trends in the area to capture the client’s interest.

How to Listen Better

In a conversation with Kizzy, Star Bobatoon emphasized the need for active listening in communication. She said that people should listen not to correct others but to hear their point of view. She noted that communication is an exchange of ideas where each party must contribute to the idea pool and listen to the other party. What each person knows is just a part of the story.

Until the whole story is read out, it would be unfair to make a conclusion with only a part of it. Each person has his or her own perspective. Everyone may have the same idea, but unless they listen to the other person’s story, they could make a wrong judgment and hurt the party that does not talk.

Investment Lessons for Beginners

In a podcast with Taylor, a real estate guru, Kizzy sought to know how young adults could join the real estate industry. Taylor, also called Ask Flip Man (from his social media presence). One of the essential things to keep in mind is perseverance. You need to persevere through challenging situations if you wish to get returns from your investment.

Secondly, he refutes the idea that you need lots of cash to start an investment. In real estate, he says that you can get a lower value deal with the seller, add a markup and get a buyer who agrees to buy at the new price. This way, you end up making a good margin. This idea can be replicated across various markets. In addition, you need to be open and check the market regularly for good deals, trends, and opportunities. This practice ensures that you stay at the top of the game.

How to Face the Real You

Most people are afraid to face the truth about their past, personality, and circumstances that they face in life. Mental health is vital if you have to move forward. It is a good idea to seek medical help when you have issues with mental health. Second, it takes getting tired of what you are at the moment to reach what you want to do with your life. It is also vital to look at your capabilities and strengths and align them with opportunities in the market. According to Shara Ruffin, parents have a duty to influence their children’s lives and should use the opportunity well.

When people get older, they must also be willing to unlearn things and thought processes that no longer work. This creates space to learn new things in life and opens your mind to new possibilities. The coping mechanism should include changing the way you do things for better methods.

Growing Up as Young Adults

Kizzy hosted Alexis Cisnero, an automotive YouTube to talk about growing up as young adults. Alexis says that growing up is a journey that one must take to reach their ambitions. He illustrated this with a story of his life. A child of divorces, Alexis made his share of mistakes before becoming an influencer and pursuing his love for cars. In the conversation, he said that the turning point in one’s life is when one realizes what he or she needs to do to achieve their ambitions. He emphasizes the need to have support systems in reaching one’s goal. Besides, people have to face their problems head-on and not becoming hard-headed or run away from them to move on to their next goal.

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