Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship Anyone Can Follow

A healthy relationship doesn’t just happen naturally. True, the passion and chemistry will be there right off the bat. These, however, aren’t enough to sustain the strength of the connection in the long run.

To have a long-lived, happy relationship, you will need to be proactive about it. Most of the things that you have to do for happiness and endless love will occur to you naturally. Still, if you need some assistance to grow the strength of your bond, here are a few suggestions for you.

Work on Trust

Trust is probably the most important building block of a healthy relationship.


Most of us, however, carry a lot of baggage from the past into a new relationship that we try to establish with someone. As a result, a current partner is unconsciously held accountable for the mistakes that somebody else made.


Trust is the result of open communication and healthy boundaries. Your partner should know what you feel comfortable with and where your limit is. Don’t wait for things to turn sour before communicating a specific need or a disappointment.


At the same time, be open to the insecurities and the issues that your partner could also be struggling with. Such openness and a desire to work on stuff together will help you address issues like jealousy, resentment and anger.


Don’t be afraid to communicate, even if an issue feels very uncomfortable or difficult to tackle at first. Once you get it out there, you’ll probably receive a much more positive reaction and support that you originally didn’t anticipate.


Show Emotions

Our society tends to favor a stoic approach towards managing emotions, especially when it comes to men.


Keeping stuff bottled up inside, however, will sooner or later lead to an explosion. The consequences of such a blow-up will often be damaging beyond repair.

Emotional expression builds closeness. It shows vulnerability and lets your partner into your inner world. The desire to be open and connected helps strengthen the bond between two people.

A good emotional connection is as important as the physical aspect of the relationship. Otherwise, you will be perceived as aloof and disconnected. Sooner or later, that distance will start weighing heavy on your partner.

To maintain a meaningful emotional connection with each other, you’ll have to show your true colors. That means letting your partner in on your fears, insecurities and weaknesses. Yes, letting someone that deep into your world can be frightening. The payoff, however, justifies the risk.

Learn to Disagree and Argue Like Adults

A healthy relationship isn’t defined by the absence of arguments. On the contrary. People who have a strong bond aren’t afraid of disagreeing. They simply know how to “fight” in a healthy way.

Arguments reveal differences and points of conflict that could grow into something much bigger if left unaddressed.

Don’t be afraid to bring up issues and things that aren’t ok in the relationship right now. To do so, however, you should never put the blame on your partner’s shoulders exclusively.

A good relationship depends on the understanding that it takes two to tango. A problem is never one-sided. It involves both people, which means that two should also work on making things better.

Having a healthy argument is all about speaking and listening actively. A bit of empathy and the ability to put yourself in your partner’s shoes can also result in healthy communication.

Strengthen Your Sexual Bond

Unless you agree to be in an asexual relationship, physical intimacy will act as the glue that holds the two of you together. Sexual compatibility is incredibly important for the longevity of the relationship. If you desire different things, you will grow apart sooner or later.

There are many things you can do to strengthen the sexual bond between the two of you.

Again – you should communicate. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Talk about your sexual history and the stuff that you haven’t explored yet (but would love to with that special person in your life). Communicating during sex itself is also crucial to make the experience memorable and amazing.

Suggest new stuff – chances are that your partner will enjoy a bit of exploration. You can buy a realistic skin dildo from websites like HotCherry. You can act out fantasies, kinks and fetishes. As long as you’re honest about what you want and the sexy experiment is consensual, it will definitely bring you closer together.

Spend Quality Time Together and Away from Each Other

Losing yourself in your partner isn’t healthy. Have you seen couples consisting of two people who seem to be fused together? Such attachments are incredibly unhealthy and they will be damaging in the long-run.

A healthy long-term relationship is all about balance. You should engage in fun stuff together while also maintaining your individuality and identity.

Partake in your partner’s favorite activities. Get to know their friends and their family. At the same time, agree on some me-time. Spending quality time together and apart from each other will bring freshness into the relationship and a high level of satisfaction.

Don’t forget that you’re individuals. Yes, you form a unit together but that unit doesn’t consolidate everything that you and your partner are.

For some people, jealousy and insecurity will stand in the way of finding such balance. If you’re struggling with such issues, you’ll need to address them. Understand that your partner’s behavior most often isn’t the cause of what you feel. There’s probably something deeper and darker that you’ll have to work on.

A good relationship involves many things – communication, laughter, sexual chemistry, compassion, trust, gratitude and appreciation for each other. Sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to practice or experience all of those. And that’s ok. Even the happiest couples on the face of the planet struggle. What matters is seeking a way out of a sticky situation and growing stronger together.

Don’t be afraid of your weaknesses or your partner’s character flaws. Don’t seek perfection. Yes, you can definitely make things better if you try. The fact that you’re content and in love, however, should be enough to give you a long-lived relationship. If you put a little bit of work into it, you’ll definitely see major improvements over time.

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