Feeling Ill On Campus? Here’s What To Do

So, maybe you’ve contracted a case of Fresher’s Flu and you’re just trying to get through it, or maybe you’re in your third year and are starting to experience regular aches and pains. If you’re in the latter camp, you think to yourself that surely it’s just the stress from your schedule and school work.

However, there’s a chance you could be experiencing something serious, and you shouldn’t just try to get on with things. Remember, just because you’re an ‘adult’ now and you’re at college doesn’t mean you have to struggle through alone here!

So, it’s time to get yourself into a better frame of health, and with the advice below, here’s hoping you get the answers to your health problems that you need.

Try to Eat Better

Of course, when you’re a student, you’re going to be eating all kinds of things. You’re not going to have a particular diet to follow; instead, just stock up on energy filled items you can throw together as quickly as possible. However, eating like this on a regular basis might be making you feel a bit rough around the edges. You definitely need a few more vegetables in your diet, at the least!

It’s why meal planning is so essential, and becoming more and more accessible to students and their schedules. Because it doesn’t have to take long to throw something healthy and substantial together – you can follow a starter tutorial right here, to get you into the groove of planning ahead with little need for effort.

Tell Someone About the Pain

Is your college life leading you to live in a lot of pain? Managing this pain, on top of everything else you have to do, is going to be tricky, and you’re probably exhausted at the end of every day. And not only is your college work suffering, but your social life is too, and that’s really getting you down. Make sure you tell your college about what you’re going through – they may be able to offer supportive assistance, and even if they need a doctor’s note to provide it to you, you’ll still have a case for the diagnosis.

And always remember, if you are in pain, and you seem to be all the time, it’s definitely not a case of your backpack being too heavy to carry around! It could be something serious, and seeking out treatment for chronic pain could be the solution to your problems here. Of course, always talk to a doctor about how your back is always aching and making it feel like walking is impossible, and if you’re not happy with what they say, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

Be Careful Where You Go

Next, you’re going to want to be careful where you take yourself. You’re not feeling right, and while you don’t want to pass anything on to the people around you, you don’t want to catch anything else from them either.

You don’t want to walk into a germ ridden house party and try to have a good time, and all the while you’re picking up something else that’s going to make your stomach heave – even if that’s just a bottle of alcohol! So stay home, and stay safe. Take time for yourself right now, and give yourself a break.

Give Yourself a Break

And speaking of, make sure to give yourself a break! You’re having a hard time right now, and you’re still trying to push yourself to work hard. However, you’re pushing yourself more than usual, simply because you think you’re slacking, despite the fact that you’re ill. So, it’s time to break this habit – it’s not good for you, and it’s going to make you worse in the long run.

Take a break right now, even while you’re reading this. Get yourself comfortable, get something snacky and enjoyable to eat, and even let yourself have a nap that’s longer than 20 minutes. You’re allowed to take a moment to make yourself feel better, and then pick up your work later on. After all, if you’re hopped up on over the counter painkillers, you’re not going to write an amazing paragraph for your dissertation, are you?

If you’re on campus and you’re not feeling quite right, keep to yourself, take it easy, talk to a doctor, and make sure you eat something that’s good for you. You’re a college student, yes, but you still have to take care of yourself!

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