Can You Afford The Wedding You Want?

Getting married is still a life goal for a lot of people. And if you want that commitment and stability in your life, you may have reached a position where you’ve found the person you want to do it with. There’s just one problem – paying for it. No one can deny that even smaller, more intimate weddings can be expensive. So how do you financially prepare for getting married?

Review Your Budget

It all starts with identifying where you can make savings, and that comes back to your personal budget. Use a budgeting app to map out all of your essential outgoings each month. Then look at discretionary spending. What could you pause to help you start saving for a wedding? Are there any unused subscriptions that you can cancel? Take a look at your compulsory bills as well. Is there a way to lower the cost, through shopping around for things like utilities or insurance payments? Remember it may require some short-term adjustments, but the more you can alter, the closer you’ll get to achieving your goal.

Have An Open Discussion

Discussing money openly can sometimes be a little awkward, because we attach so many feelings about our personal worth to our finances. But entering into a marriage means that you need to be able to have honest discussions around this subject. Talk openly about what you need to save and what contribution you might have from other family members, as well as what you can both afford to save.

Consider Your Options

Map out exactly what kind of wedding you’d both like and work out the rough costings for it. What areas are must-haves and what areas would you compromise on? If you want a destination wedding for example, it helps to have a clear idea of what you need to plan. This infographic can help you to understand what elements you need to plan out and pay for in order to make a destination wedding happen.

Infographic Design By Carolina Designs Wedding Venues

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