Five Ways to Ensure Better Relationships Within the Workplace

Effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace may seem as though they are individual responsibilities. However, it is vital that people work together as a team to really ensure things go smoothly and clients are content with the business’ products and services.

Here are five ways in which you can ensure better relationships within the workplace.

Get to know your colleagues

No one is telling you that you need to arrange to meet all your fellow workers at a local bar but spending time getting to know your colleagues can help to improve workplace relationships significantly. Knowing who they live with and what their interests are can ensure that no one is left to sit alone at lunchtime as there will always be topics of conversation that can be brought up to engage them. Feeling lonely at any moment in time can be upsetting, but at work, this can be counterproductive. People are less likely to work hard if they feel hurt or low because of co-workers’ actions or lack thereof.

Stop the gossip

If there’s one thing that can divide the workplace, it’s likely to be gossip. Spreading rumours and lies about others can be both hurtful and career-destroying. Although the original source of the gossip may be someone you trust, is it really your place to be telling other people about what may or may not have happened? Of course, if it’s about something serious and someone has confided in you, this is not a gossip situation. Reporting sexual harassment, for example, is a necessity immediately and without the need for all and sundry to be aware.

Offer empathy

Empathy isn’t about being the workplace agony aunt or uncle. No, it’s about being understanding of someone else’s circumstances and realising that everyone is human. If someone’s work is a little below par one day, try speaking to them and asking if everything is ok rather than grassing on them to your superior. Empathy is a hugely beneficial trait to have to every member of the team.

Be polite

Whether you are entry level or management, being polite to everyone in the workplace is imperative. When taking work from someone, offer thanks. When asking someone to complete something on your behalf, use please and thank you. These are simple things that most parents teach their children from an early age. Just because you have grown older and entered the workplace does not mean to say that you can abandon those manners. Indeed, being treated rudely can have negative consequences and quality of work can deteriorate.

Vent to friends and family

It’s always tempting to moan about your colleagues and boss within the workplace. However, this will achieve nothing except putting you on a back foot and potentially leading to problematic relationships. It is natural when you work closely with a group of people that one, some or even all will frustrate you and annoy you from time to time, becoming stressful for you. Rather than whinging there and then to someone else, take your frustrations home and share them with someone trusted there.

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