Future-Proof Your Career: Master Modern Accounting & Strategy With an Online MBA

Online MBA programs are flexible enough to fit into most busy schedules. They also help cultivate important attributes like self-discipline and independent learning skills.

Students pursuing an MBA are looking to advance their careers. An online MBA helps them build the necessary business knowledge to take that next step.

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What You’ll Learn

With an MBA accounting online, you’ll gain the skills to help manage a company’s financial performance. Learn about cost analysis, profit and loss, and budgeting. You’ll also explore the latest trends in financial reporting, including IFRS and GAAP. And you’ll learn how to analyze and value companies using various valuation models and techniques.

You’ll also have the opportunity to cultivate your soft skills with courses in leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving, written communication, teamwork and collaboration, digital technology, professional and business ethics, and global and intercultural fluency. Plus, the program’s scenario-based learning gives you an authentic experience that mimics real business challenges, so you can apply your knowledge as soon as you graduate.

This online MBA is ideal for current professionals who want to advance their business functions, decision-making, and understanding of management in various industries.

Getting Started

In a fully online program offered at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, you’ll build the skills to lead your organization to success. Whether you pursue a concentration or take a broad approach, you’ll learn to transform data into insights and proven analytic strategies.

This MBA also includes a robust portfolio of electives, allowing you to create a unique graduate business education that matches your career goals. You can also add a specialty in sustainability, marketing, or finance.


The MBA curriculum delivers an advanced business education across multiple disciplines, preparing students to apply their leadership and analytical skills in various professional settings. You’ll learn from accounting, data analytics, finance, marketing, and management experts while engaging with peers through the program’s core courses.

With various electives available, you can deepen your expertise in one area or develop a broader skill set. The MBA program includes courses covering functional business areas, such as management and organization, accounting, economics, marketing, information systems, and finance.

The course introduces the concepts and techniques in managerial accounting that enable managers to develop and implement business strategies. It also examines the framework of accounting information systems that support decision-making, such as analyzing and using financial statements to evaluate managerial incentives. This course needs to fulfill the core requirements of the MBA. You can waive this course if you have completed undergraduate-level coursework in these areas.

Final Exam

With an MBA and a focus on accounting, you can gain leadership skills to help companies of all sizes make sound decisions. You’ll also be prepared for the CPA exam and better understand financial statements.

Plus, you’ll take courses to analyze complex financial data using spreadsheets and statistical software. This gives you a foundation for decision-making at the macroeconomic level, including international economics, inter-industry and domestic economics. It also teaches you to understand the impact of regulations, deregulation, technology, ecology, and national industrial policy.

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