How Having An ASL Certification Can Help Boost Your Career

Have you ever considered obtaining an ASL certification?  ASL refers to the American Sign Language, which is the language used by or to communicate with the deaf and the mute. Conversing with those who can’t speak and hear is just as beautiful an experience as talking to those who can verbalize their thoughts. Although a tad bit more challenging, with passion and determination, learning the ASL and eventually securing an ASL certification can be easy to achieve. Plus, having a grasp of the ASL language helps break down barriers between speaking and non-speaking individuals.

Moreover, having an ASL certification also has a string of benefits for your career. Some of these include:

  1. Exercises Your Brain

Just because you’re already employed and feel secure in your current job, this doesn’t mean that your brain should also relax and stop learning. You also need to exercise your brain regularly as it helps keep this all-important organ in tiptop shape even as you age. If you’re working within the realms of education and communication, taking an ASL certification online or through any other means is an excellent example of giving your brain a good workout.

There’s no denying the fact that learning any form of sign language can be extremely difficult. But, in doing so, you’re effectively enhancing the following functions of your brain:

  • Functionality
  • Mental rotation skills
  • Cognition
  • Spatial awareness
  • Memory

Once you’ve learned and mastered the ASL alphabet, it becomes embedded in your memory.

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  1. Gives You An Edge

The problem is not in the inability of the deaf and mute community to hear and talk. It’s in the inability of the rest of the world to accept them and understand the way they express their ideas. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many professionals that serve to work for the deaf and mute. But, by obtaining an ASL certification and having a deep understanding of the nature of non-speaking individuals, you can properly and effectively serve your  deaf and mute clients.

This section particularly applies to teachers or therapists. In having an ASL certification, you gain a significant edge over all other professionals in your field who lack the knowledge in the said language. With it, you now have an opportunity to cater to both speaking and non-speaking clients. In doing so, you’re also increasing your customer base.

In addition, non-speaking clients will no longer have to feel intimidated about walking into your office simply because you know how to communicate with them.

  1. It’s Needed Now, More Than Ever

The American Sign Language is needed now more than ever. Being that it comprises the signs made of hands and movements in the body, this is one of the best means of communication available to the non-verbal population, like the deaf and the mute. Note that for these individuals, sight is the most useful tool for them to communicate and receive information. Hence, the pressing need for more professionals to learn it.

Today, more and more people need professionals who are well versed in the American Sign Language. There’s that pressing need to provide a sense of normalcy to the deaf and the mute. This is evident in areas, such as the following:

  • In your workplace, to accommodate more deaf and mute employees
  • In groceries and department stores, so the deaf and the mute can shop as effortlessly as others do and properly raise their concerns
  • In public offices, when the deaf and the mute have documents to process
  • In schools, so that the deaf and the mute can be effectively catered to
  • In religious areas, for the deaf and mute to freely express and practice their religious beliefs
  1. Brings You More Work Opportunities

Because of your ASL certification, you’re no longer limited to the boundaries of your current job. Also, your boss is going to see you as a valuable asset that they can’t afford to easily let go of. Especially now that there’s a fight for equal opportunities, all the more that employers need professionals with badges, such as an ASL certification. Having one brings you so many more opportunities than you could ever imagine.

With an ASL certification, you may even be promoted to the higher ranks as having the ability to cater to a diverse group of people is now a must for progressive companies that are striving to be more accepting.


The American Sign Language (ASL) is the fifth most used language in the USA. If you’ve got the time and the passion to learn a new language, this is one that’s worth considering. With ASL, you talk using your eyes, hands, face, and body. And, with an ASL certification, not only are you helping yourself improve career-wise, but you’re also making the world a better place by breaking barriers.

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