How To Make Your Business Accessible To An International Audience

If the next stage in your business plan is to introduce your brand to an international audience, accessibility will play a key role in your success. For example, for a smooth transition from local business to global brand to take place, you must be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with clients in different time zones, who may speak other languages.
  • Ensure your content (social media posts, website)is tailored to your new audience.
  • Accept payment in international or digital currencies.

With that in mind, here are some simple steps you can take that will ensure your business is accessible to an international audience – giving you the chance to keep your business running smoothly overseas.

Offer a variety of payment options.

According to a recent study, “76% of e-commerce customers preferred paying online in their local currency.” This is because it feels a little more trustworthy than paying through a currency they don’t quite understand and eliminates the need for them to pay conversion fees. As such, you should make it possible for customers to pay in their chosen currency, or through digital currency such as crypto. Believe it or not, crypto accounts have many benefits for businesses, as they make international trade more straightforward, while also offering low transaction fees.

Improve your social media presence.

Your social media presence is one of the easiest ways to transform customers into huge fans as it gives them a chance to “get to know” your brand a little better, which often results in increased loyalty.  However, it’s important that you ensure that the content you post on your socials is accessible. For example, you should include alt descriptions on all of your images, so that those who may deal with visual difficulties can still access/enjoy your posts. On a similar note, you should ensure that all videos are captioned.  If you’re launching your business in a country where English is not the first language, you may want to set up a different social account for this location, so that all content is delivered in the right language.

Find as many ways to communicate with your customers as possible.

When you’re able to communicate effectively with your customers, their satisfaction rates will increase considerably – and so will your sales. However, there are some natural barriers that crop up when you begin to offer services/products overseas – such as language gaps, or even time differences that mean you’re not behind your desk when customers are trying to reach out. One way in which you can combat this issue is by hiring virtual assistants or receptionists to manage your international communication streams (phone lines, emails, web chats)- ensuring that they are based in the country you are trying to launch your brand in. This way, customers will receive much quicker responses to their queries, and will be able to communicate with your brand more effectively. Speaking to a team member in their own language will add to your brand’s credibility, as it shows your commitment to supporting your international customer base.

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