How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Sleep Sanctuary

Your nightly snooze can only be as restful as the place you lay your head. Is your bedroom contributing to your sleep health? If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, the issue may be your environment.

To get deeper, restorative sleep, try transforming your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary with these tips:

Darker is Better

If your bedroom is the victim of bright streetlights, or if the sun starts streaming into your room in the morning long before you want to wake up, add window treatments that can help block those pesky rays. Black out shades can help keep your room darker and may play double-duty by keeping your room cooler during those hot summer days. Hang up a sheer curtain for when you’d like to allow light in during the daytime hours, then layer over that with thick, blackout shades.

Upgrade Your Linens

If you haven’t purchased new sheets in many moons, it’s time to do your skin a favor. Pro tip: Have two sets at the ready for your bed. That way, you can swap out with ease when it’s time to wash your sheets. You may also choose to play with different textures and sheet styles depending on the time of year and weather; winter may call for jersey sheets that offer a bit more warmth, while summer may inspire you to try out a sleek, satin style that feels cool against the skin.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Outside of linens, are you giving your body the foundation it needs to sleep comfortably? Investing in a high-quality mattress is the best place to start, but admittedly, this can be a costly endeavor. If you don’t want to do a complete bed overhaul, there are sleeping accessories you can add to help enhance your rest. Do you struggle with acid reflux? You may find that you wake up with painful burning – an acid reflux pillow that props up your upper body could help alleviate symptoms. Perhaps you have a bad hip that feels worse in the morning; grab a hip wrap designed to improve circulation and reduce inflammation over time. Smaller investments like this can majorly improve your rest, and help your body feel its absolute best in the morning.

Play with Color

Think about the type of atmosphere that would lend itself to better snoozing; cooler colors calm the mind and may help you drift off to dreamland more easily. Select a theme color and stick to it throughout the space. This unified color scheme will help you bring all of your bedding, décor, and functional items together. Color isn’t exclusive to walls; consider adding pops of color via throw pillows, throw blankets, or plush rugs that will cradle your feet as you make your way to bed.

As far as color selection, go with what YOU love. However, if you want to take a page from the book of science, here are the colors research says are most stress-relieving:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Grey

Final Notes

With all that’s going on in the world, it can be tough to get the appropriate amount of shuteye each night. However, promoting more restorative sleep may be as simple as redesigning your bedroom. Try incorporating some of the above elements into your sleeping space and see the effect it has on your dreamtime. Use these key takeaways to guide your bedroom decisions:

  • Keep your room dark with window treatments
  • Invest in high-quality bed dressings
  • Purchase accessories for aches and pains
  • Use color to your advantage

Do you have any tips for creating an oasis in your bedroom? Share in the comments below!

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