Important Things Every Mom Should Know Before Starting Her Own Blog

To be a successful blogger, you need a niche, plenty of experience and stories to tell, willpower to work through all the distractions and interruptions that life can throw at you, and patience. Good news if you’re a mom – because you’re already well-practiced in all these areas and more!

You’re probably already an avid mom-blog reader, and think to yourself – “yeah, I could do that!” The truth is, nothing is stopping you. Anyone can start their own blog, it’s a gateway to a great community, helps you build on your writing skills, and writing down your experiences and sharing advice with other parents is a therapeutic practice. Starting your own mommy blog could be the best decision you’ve ever made, but before you search for the perfect domain name and plan out your first post, there are some things you should know.

Read on to discover some important things every mom should know before starting her own blog.

Digital Asset Management is key

You can picture the scenario, your children are under your feet, you have dinner cooking on the stove and you’ve got a hundred and one other responsibilities to think about. You also need to locate a specific digital file to add to your latest blog post and upload it as quickly as possible. Searching through hundreds of files trying to locate the right one is added stress you don’t need right now, and this is where Digital Asset Management from comes in.

All those photos, videos, written documents, PDFs, brand designs and rough copies won’t organize themselves – without digital asset management in place, you may struggle to balance your home life with your writing career.

Investing in an effective DAM system means no more endless scrolling to find a specific version of a selfie, or struggling to find space on your digital devices for all your files. Keeping all your digital files collectively organized, and easy to manage means you can upload accurate and on-brand blog content, without struggling between your responsibilities as a mom and a consistent, successful blogger. Don’t embark on your blogging career without it.

You’re going to be judged (harshly)

As a mom, you’re probably used to older generations thinking that they know better than you. Whether you’re holding your child too much or feeding them too much sugar…But when you share your parenting experience with the world via your blog, you’re going to be judged by everyone who finds it. When your life is online, you’re susceptible to criticism and often that criticism is harsh. You need a thick skin to survive in this business.

It’s more work than you think

Blogging isn’t just typing out what happened in your day or your top tips for a teething toddler. It’s about creating a strong, consistent brand across all your online platforms. You need to consider building and curating a community around your blog, and engaging with your readership. You must also work on your SEO to drive traffic to your blog, consider third-party promotions, and consistently blog to a high standard with a strict writing schedule. It can take years for blogs to produce monetary income, so much like parenting – you’re in it for the long haul.

And finally, the blogging community is strong

Working with other bloggers and immersing yourself within the blogging community whilst networking with like-minded people is part of the blogging experience. Whether you’re working with third-party brands, writing guest pieces on other blogs, or doing collaborative posts with other bloggers. You have to be prepared to share your talent to be truly successful. But as a mom, that additional support and sense of comradery will be most welcome!

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