The Art Of Creating A Happy Place

Since the chaos and anxiety that the current health situation brought to the world, millions of people have been trying to figure out ways in which they can relax. It’s quite something to realize that millions of people are so used to life being normal, that when something like this happens, they don’t know how to relax besides doing what they have always done. They might be used to going to a bar, to a spa, or to a park. Now that that is all temporarily suspended from occurring, we have to figure out, how do we relax at home with next to nothing? That is quite the ‘empty room’ challenge, isn’t it? Well, we did the research to find out the proper ways to slow down your mind and alleviate some stress without needing to leave home.

The art of the happy place

Positive visual imagery is a well-known and respected technique for calming someone down. It’s a way of connecting desire to the real-world. We can see something that we want. We know that it is real. We think it is more attainable because we can visualize it. The more we do, the more familiar it becomes. And so on.

You should do this with your calmness. Serenity is difficult to master and to achieve. We find that going to a ‘happy place’ is often the best way to visualize this. But it takes a lot of work to actually create your happy place. We highly recommend that you don’t try to make it off of a photograph or real-world experience. Why? Well, with happiness in our lives comes challenges. We don’t want anything other than pure, unedited joy in our happy place.

  • So choose the location. Is it in a log cabin in the Alps? Is it on a beach in Jamaica?
  • What time is it? Most of our happy places are frozen in time. Is it midday? It is nighttime with a starry sky?
  • Do you have any type of seating, or are you lying down? Are you walking through a meadow? Are you sunbathing on a beach?
  • What kinds of ambient sounds can you hear? If you’re on a beach you can hear the wind and the waves, met by seagulls squawking, and the whistle of the palm trees, etc. If you are in a room with a fireplace, you can hear the crackle and pop of the logs burning.
  • Can you smell anything? Salted ocean air? The wet grass of a field? Can you smell the daisies in the forest?

A helping hand

Most of us like to think of something in our home, as our ‘relax buddy’. Some of us see the strong single malt whisky in the corner as our friend who gives us a neck massage. Others like to see something like delta 8 thc that gives them a smooth sail off to paradise. The great thing about delta 8 thc is, that it’s no way near as strong as number 9. This strand allows you to whisk away with the fairies, but not actually lose cognitive capacity. Many of us don’t like strong hemp and strands that make us feel like we are losing touch with our surroundings. We want to be calm, relaxed and happy, but still firmly in the driver’s seat. Delta 8 thc is the right strength, that isn’t imposing but isn’t too weak either.

Knuckle dragging

Everyone wants to know how they can relax at the end of the day, and usually, we all agree that receiving a massage would be awesome. But not everyone can give a proper massage, not everyone wants to, and not everyone likes to get a massage from someone else. We think that the best way is to massage yourself.

But, because we don’t have any leverage as our hands and arms cannot possibly achieve the same sort of angle or thrusting power as that of someone who is working on our body, we have to use brute force. One way to do this is to use our knuckles. This is deep tissue work that we can do for ourselves. The knuckles are blunt but pointy, so they can dig deep into our hamstrings, calves, arms, and hips.

We all hope to create a happy place without any flaws one day. The more time we spend in the happy place, the more accurate we can be about it. Self-massage is invaluable and we highly recommend that you learn a few techniques as soon as you can.

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