Winding Down From A Home Working Day

Working from home has become the norm for billions of people. They have adapted and learned to use various new software and carry on in their day to day tasks. It’s quite an incredible cultural shift in the professional world. We do, however, have to realize that we are working harder, not less, than before. Many of us probably work 9 hours or more, now that the daily commute is out of the way. But, this means that we are working harder and longer than before. So how can we wind down after this on a consistent basis?

Walking routes

Find some walking routes in your neighborhood or just make them up! This can be so fun to do as you will be exploring your area rather than just living in the area. This is especially crucial for those that live in cities. You may have only walked down a street to get to work but never actually observed the architecture. Now is the time to enjoy your city, your town or your rural area. Using Google Maps, you can plan your route out and take a walk every lunchtime or after work in the evening. This is something many of us need to do and do you know what? It seems like a ‘walking video’ culture is really gathering steam, now that the pandemic has been going on for so long.

Limit blue screen time

Blue screens are shoved in our faces all the time. Every day and night, we are exposing our brains to blue screens that will alter our internal sleeping clock. Our body clock relies on normal daily patterns. Sunlight and then nighttime, have to follow seamlessly. Otherwise, our brains get used to seeing a shade or brightness of light that is not natural! So if you can, avoid using your phone past 8 or 9pm. It’s quite common for us to use the phone in the bed, try to limit this and use the blue screen filter feature.

Change your clothes

Even if you are working at home, try to get into your work attire. It can be casual but you should change your clothes because, when you do this, your mind shifts from workday-mode to chillout mode. Your mind makes the leap from high activity to a more relaxed level. This is great for those that have really intense jobs, such as making reports, analyzing data or writing content for marketing or audit reports.

A new option

Thanks to the research of many societies, we know that cbd actually works! We know that it can relax our muscles, help our mind to slow down and alleviate our stress. On they have cbd sleep drops which you can put into a glass of water or perhaps your coffee. This will allow you to slowly but surely, wind down, slow your thoughts down and gradually be unable to keep your heavy eyelids up anymore.

Even if you work from home, you need to wind down and help your mind to take a load off. Sleeping patterns will become more predictable and this helps your whole attitude.

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