5 Essential Tools for Spring Cleaning

After a long and cold winter that made us all lazy, spring finally comes with a gentle, warm breeze. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, it’s the perfect time to start deep cleaning your home. If you have a roommate or are a student, you may have found your home getting a little dirtier and dustier over the winter.

Spring is a great season for all physical activity that’s required for a thorough cleaning because it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Not to mention, you’ve been storing up energy all winter long and need something to do. A clean house can make spending quality me-time much more relaxing.

Here are the essential tools you need for spring cleaning.

A Quality Broom

A broom must be firm enough, yet soft enough to let the bristles bend around corners and bring dirt and debris to one location. With a quality broom, you can rid your hardwood floors, tile, and more of dust and crumbs with very little effort. If you’re using a broom that’s been only effective at lifting visible dirt from your floors, odds are you’re not reaching the corners where debris collects.

With the right broom, you’ll be able to target those corners and get rid of the disgusting dirt that has been accumulating for months.

A Strong Vacuum

If you have a pet, you know the importance of a good vacuum. Not only can cat or dog fur get trapped in the carpet but so can your own hair, along with any dirt and salt that you’ve brought in from the winter. As time goes on, the carpet can get worn and start to flatten.

While carpet is meant to last for years—which is why it’s such a great option for rentals and houses—it must be properly maintained to keep its look and feel. As dirt and debris get trapped in your carpet, it adds weight that can push your carpet down and cause it to lose its softness. Frankly, it can also start to look ugly.

With a strong vacuum, you can bring your carpet back to life as suction pulls debris that’s been weighing your carpet down and brings the carpet fibers with it to lift them back up. In the process of removing dust and debris from your carpet, you can also expect cleaner air.

A Cleaning Caddy

There’s nothing more time consuming than walking back and forth to grab and replace your cleaning items when you’re using them. If you keep your cleaning supplies in a closet, you might be grabbing one at a time, replacing it when finished, and grabbing the next one. If you’re like most of us, you want to clean as fast and efficiently as possible. Instead of wasting time walking back and forth for your supplies, use a cleaning caddy that allows you to carry all of your cleaning supplies from room to room.

A Carpet Cleaner

Depending on how dirty your carpet is, you might want to clean your carpets once a year. With springtime’s warm air rolling in, now is a great time to open the windows after shampooing your carpets to let the air dry them faster. A carpet cleaner picks up dirt and grime that a vacuum cannot, helping you keep your carpets in good shape and removing any stains.

If you have dogs or cats, you may want to try pet carpet shampoo that has special ingredients to remove pet stains and odors.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags can be used for tons of spring cleaning activities. While, of course, you should use them for collecting trash around the house, you can also use them to help you declutter. Go through your closet and throw any old clothes into a trash bag for storage or donations.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t have the essential tools. Before you get started, make a list of everything you’ll need and get anything that you don’t have.


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