Is it Necessary to Have a TEFL Certificate to Teach Abroad?

If you are thinking of teaching English abroad, probably, you have already checked all possible options to do it. As long as English is in huge demand, there is a constant need for professionals. Being good at the language acquisition isn’t enough to start teaching people. There are many tricky situations that may happen in a class. And those who want to pull it off must be patient and creative.

It’s not a secret that TEFL certification is one of the most respected and recognized qualification in teaching ESL. However, the more stories you hear, the more questions about that happen. It isn’t so complicated as you believe. If you think, “Is a TEFL certificate the only option to get a job abroad or there is another way?”, we want to help you making it clear. After reading this article you will be positive about what to do with TEFL qualification.

7 reasons for getting a TEFL certificate

Despite that it’s still possible to get employed having no TEFL certification, it’s believed that it helps to get the most lucrative terms and a well-paid position in sough-after countries. Being TEFL certified means that you have been trained by qualified tutors and taught according to high standards of teaching. It lets companies and schools hire determined and decent candidates. Even a lack of experience gets less important as soon as you get a TEFL certificate.

It may seem that getting a job with no TEFL certification is easier because you don’t need to spend money and time on studying. However, it won’t work like that down the road. Saving money now you will deprive yourself of such benefits as high salary, paid accommodation, and flight reimbursement. As usual, certified candidates are more privileged.

TEFL certified teachers have more options to realize their professional potential being surrounded and supported by like-minded people. A lack of TEFL certification allows you to earn little money in a small school in a suburb having no opportunities for development.

Not only does TEFL qualification help to broaden professional horizons, but also it will become a great asset later in life. There are some reasons to make you believe that TEFL certification can change your life drastically and make it better.


In spite of English is in demand in all countries around the world, don’t forget that there are so many ESL teachers who want to work abroad. There is a cut-throat competition, where the best and noticeable are those, who are either experienced or qualified enough. As soon as you get a TEFL certificate, you may stand out from the crowd in the labor market. As a result, you will get more decent and well-paid offers than others.

Having a TEFL certificate you may work in such countries as:

  • Thailand;
  • Vietnam;
  • Korea;
  • Cambodia;
  • Italy;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • Japan;
  • China.


It takes some time to get experienced and confident enough to teach English, especially, to non-native speakers. A TEFL course includes all necessary knowledge about teaching people of different ages, making lesson plans, and providing positive feedback. But what is more important is practice. During a TEFL course you are observing lessons of other ESL teachers and having feedback about your progress.

It may seem easy to have lessons in a state school teaching young learners, however, it’s not. Depending on students’ age there are many possible situations – which may confuse even experienced tutors – that a TEFL certified teacher must take into account beforehand.

There are the most popular issues:

  • technical problems;
  • classroom management;
  • providing feedback;
  • monitoring progress;
  • students’ motivation;
  • engaging materials.

High salary

As usual, schools tend to hire TEFL certified tutors as they seem more qualified and reliable. It is said that they have spent much time and effort to develop professionally. So, it comes with no surprise that companies are ready to fight for really decent candidates making their offers more lucrative. In that case, you will select the best options for yourself. Also, the longer you work, the more benefits you may require during the time. In order to make you stay, schools may offer decent work conditions and perks:

  • a rent-free apartment;
  • flight reimbursement;
  • a bonus for a contract completion;
  • free meals at school;
  • compensation of transport fares;
  • sponsoring visa expenses.

If you want to know how and where ESL teachers get the highest salary, check it out.

Help in job search

Some TEFL providers, like tefl-tesol-certification, take care of their students and provide not only top-notch support during a course but also after. There is a job search assistant who will help you to get a job depending on your preferences. In other words, you will be on top because employers have your name at the beginning of a list of candidates. Such help will come in handy when it comes to making a resume and preparing for an interview. And you may get it first as a TEFL graduate.

Qualified trainers

While you are studying, you have a chance to get a fresh look at your lessons and some pointers from your tutor. As such professors are more experienced and qualified than you, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. It is likely that they will willingly share their perspective of international experience in teaching English. If you get on well with your tutor, you will get some recommendations about teaching, management, lesson preparation, and authentic materials.

Friendly community

People you are going to meet while studying may become your good friends and reliable acquaintances. You will always have a trust-worthy community to talk to. You may help each other during a course and meet in different countries sharing warm memories after a course completion. It is likely that you will face some obstacles in your teaching path, however, it’s good to know that you always have some people who will support and help you. You can turn to them asking for help and suggesting something.


An undeniable advantage of a TEFL certificate is that it doesn’t expire. In comparison with other courses, it takes less money and time but provides more benefits. You won’t have to retake a course or prove your competence to teach again. It’s quite convenient, especially, if you are going to teach English for the next ten years. Every time when you want to change a way of working, you will be able to do it easily.


TEFL certification stands for getting a better teacher. And, if you are fond of the language, it will help you become more engaged in teaching understanding students’ needs and struggles. During a TEFL course you will encounter some tough and controversial issues to check your personal traits and reaction. As soon as you get the certification, many opportunities will come to you.

Such knowledge is so valuable that you will always turn to it when you need. If you have already been teaching people, believe me, your students will notice some changes in your teaching style. They will thank you for fruitful lessons and rational feedback.

Don’t waste your time and enroll in online TEFL/TESOL course. In a couple of months you will become a confident and experienced ESL teacher. And there is a combination of TEFL and TESOL courses, which will drastically increase your chances to get a well-paid position worldwide. As soon as you complete the course, you will get a job search assistant to help you get your dream job. A native speaker trainer will advise you on how to make your lessons more engaging and effective.

We hope you found this article useful. Let us know if you have some questions.

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