Looking For A Job For Life? Consider This List!

Most economies have been affected massively by the coronavirus pandemic. With the current surge in job loss on every continent, there are some career paths that can still be considered a ‘job for life’. Check out this list below.

Policing Job

The police force primarily ensures law and order are maintained by fighting crimes. Ordinarily, there is a significant increase in population across the various continents, which requires an increase in the police force every year. You may want to consider policing as a career path. Furthermore, you may have the opportunity to work at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, city police force, and private security firms.

To better position you for employment, you may consider having a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. As policing may be an in-demand career, you may be highly sought after for employment with your law enforcement or criminal justice degree.


Teaching is a job you could consider when applying for a job. When many careers were affected by the surge in massive job loss, teachers across the continents were secured. What’s more, schools moved from traditional classrooms to virtual ones during the pandemic. When applying for a traditional teaching job, consider reading Teach for America Reviews as a smart alternative. Moreover, you may have the best working experience when you become a teacher. Another way to find it is by visiting NYC Entry Level Teaching Jobs.

Home Health Aide

Over the past few years, home health aide has emerged as one of the in-demand jobs. With a minor educational requirement needed, you may be able to apply for a home health aide.

A home health aide would need basic health care training such as checking pulse, respiration rate, and temperature. You may be required to assist the aged and toddlers at home.

Your clients may need your help in doing some basic everyday activities like laundry, bathing, taking medication, changing bandages or dressings, providing massages, and cooking. Moreover, as a home health aide, you may be required to assist the doctor on his home visits. However, you have to register with the health association in your state to give you the license to operate.

Delivery Drivers/Riders

Another in-demand career path that has emerged recently is the delivery driver. As the coronavirus pandemic peaked with restricted movement, delivery became the order of the day, as it proved safe, convenient, and efficient in buying and selling. You may need to consider being a delivery man as you search for in-demand jobs.

You may need to know how to ride a motorbike or mini car, have a fair idea of locations, and use the map effectively. Some personal attributes that may boost your chances are a warm personality, tolerance, patience, and accommodation. With these personal traits, you can stand tall in a prospective delivery interview.

While you can switch between jobs and careers anytime, you may need to have a fair idea of which jobs are in demand. That said, you can quickly find a job that pays in a short time.

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